Posted by: sandra | February 8, 2011

It’s all Sue’s fault!

So, here I am, minding my own business.  Trying to finish up a few projects, and resist the urge to start something new (honest).  When I talk to Sue at the shop and she is all excited about a new project!  She’s going on and on about the book (which I own) and all the great patterns (which I agree) and how they are going to be cutting new kits out of Civil War fabric (which I love) and well…it is only a little project….Honestly, little!

Here is the book, Nine Patch Gatherings from Primitive Gatherings.  14 little quilts, all based on nine patches, how great is that!

Here’s the catch, they are little, tiny nine patches!  Well, there are actually two sizes, one tiny and one just little!  The book is based upon a technique of cutting only two squares, sewing, cutting and finishing two different nine patches at once!

Here is my first block, really why start with little when you can go directly to tiny!  The block started with two three inch squares and I  have two 1 1/2″ finished blocks!  Yikes!

Here is what the nine patch checkerboard border looks like!  Tiny and perfect.  If you look on the gold square in the bottom row you can see a quarter sitting on the block.  Just to give you an idea of the size.

Next I added the wool applique!  Can’t wait to do a little stitching…Love this project!

New in the store last week we also received the new Primitive Gatherings aged muslins from Moda.  Wish I had some that I could have used in the center.  (You can’t tell in the photo but there is a little ditzy print in my background block).

There are five different muslin pieces, in varying shades.  With cute names like pie crust and paper bag.  I heard that Jerri bought a whole bolt of one of them.  These are definitely on my shopping list when I am back in town it two weeks!

Anyway, back to Sue.  She and the ‘girls’ at the shop are intending to cut charm packs from Civil War fabrics to make these quilts from the book.  Keep your eye open for them!

Holly also added an entry to the cookbook page.                                          I think I will be trying it this afternoon.  “Death by Chocolate Cake”, right after I get back from having my teeth cleaned….

Later, Sandra




  1. Hi Sandra,

    I was in the shop yesterday and all the Sue’s lol, how are you ever going to tell them apart? Sue G Sue B etc.

    Making the little nine patches, is the size I use in my Hexgon projects. Less is more I say.

    Take care,
    Linda J

  2. Crazy is all i can say, but it is so beautiful. Sandra, you are truly talented.

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