Posted by: sandra | February 7, 2011

Pillowcase Workshop

You all know that wonderful pillowcase pattern we have in the store?  The one that comes in every pillowcase kit?  The one you can make in 15 minutes with no handwork?  The one we have made a ton of????  Recently I was asked if I would teach this pillowcase method at the Old Church Gallery Guild in Floyd , VA. (Want more information about the guild, check out their website at

The guild meets at the Jacksonville Arts Center, and what a wonderful space they have!  The ceilings are slanted and have many quilts hanging on them, they really made a nice statement.

I loved this quilt!  Does anyone remember what pattern this is from?  It seems to me it was popular a few years ago.  (Pattern designer Kathleen Bissett, “Magic Tiles”)

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a basket quilt!

After the business meeting and show and tell (just love show and tell, it is always so motivating and exciting)!  We got around to working on pillowcases.  The guild will be donating their items as part of the Million Pillowcase Challenge.  To learn more go to

Here are the ‘girls’ working away.

And more working…perhaps with a little chocolate thrown in…

And the final results!

We finished about ten pillowcases, and learned a great easy method too!  All for a good cause.  What a day!

Thanks for inviting me ladies, it was fun.  Next time though…let’s not talk about the budget…

Later, Sandra



  1. I have a site for the crazy 9 patch. If you read her guidelines, I think you can teach it. It is at
    Great site – great quilts. You missed a good sale yesterday!

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much for the website! I’m sorry I missed the sale too!!!! That five hour drive each way makes it hard…

  2. Sandra, Just purchased the new Nine-Patch Gatherings book and I’m in love with the “new” method of how to make just one or two nine patches, instead of the whole striop method. You might want to talk about this on the blog??

    • Pretty cool huh! Sue and the girls are cutting charm kits to go with it, both sizes.

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