Posted by: sandra | February 2, 2011

Forever Spring! Even if it feels like forever winter…

More fabric came in today!  What a week or two they have had at the store!  The poor UPS driver!    The newest line from Nancy Halverson of Art to Heart arrived!  Called, ‘Forever Spring’.  Don’t say that to the people in the midwest or the northeast…they may not think that is funny!  Anyway, 55 pieces in this collection!  Here are the details…

From the palest hues of bisque to a warm chocolate mocha, and light rose petal pinks  Nancy has created a soft palette that will be just perfect for any Spring project. You’ll find gentle swirls, tiny checks, flowers and vines and subtle stars in a wonderful Spring palette, that includes Nancy’s signature gold, blue grass, celery, and soft salmon. These are the hues and textures you will reach for time and time again as you make wonderful quilts. (Can you tell I copied the description right off of the Benertex website???)

Here is a look at some of the pieces.

Art to Heart fabric is one of those things in the store that you don’t have customers going crazy and buying 25 yards of…but everyone seems to buy a little and before we know it, it’s all gone.  A silent seller…sounds mysterious doesn’t it?

Nancy also has a pretty new book out, Count On It!  $18

Jennifer is going to be making some new samples for us, out of this fabric and the new book. So, watch for them soon!

Remember to check out Blackbird Designs blog for todays “Pillow Talk”.  They are giving away a couple of layer cakes.

Later, Sandra



  1. 55 pieces?! What are we crazy?

    • Poor Sue and the girls who have to cut , cut, cut and more cut.

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