Posted by: sandra | January 30, 2011

Striking it big with Moda

On Friday, UPS delivered 11 boxes of Moda fabric!!!!!!  Eleven boxes!!!!  That is a lot of fabric!

I so wish I was there to play with all those new goodies!  I would even be happy to cut fat quarters!  Lets see 12 bolts of fabric per box times 11 boxes times six fat quarters per bolt…is 792 fat quarters (at least) to cut and fold.  Yikes, don’t tell the ‘girls’ that.

Some of the collections we received are Perrenials from Kansas Troubles.

All those rich, warm greens, navys, reds, and golds.

This quilt is made with all those yummy Kansas Trouble fabrics, and the pattern is free at the Moda Bake Shop sight.


We also received (a half collection I believe) of Charlevoix from Minick and Simpson.  This is a very soft collection of light blues, light reds and yellows.  At market they made a patriotic quilt from the collection, and I loved it!  I would have never considered adding the yellow, but it looked great!

Here is a peak at some of Minick and Simpson’s new patterns.  The flag pattern on the bottom right is the one I have planned…

The next collection is Dominique 2

Designed by Sentimental Studios, this collection is dark reds, browns, blacks and some teal.  Lots of paisleys, a few birds…

Here is the free pattern available at Moda’s website,    How is that for a yummy collection!

And in case that wasn’t enough…we also received Fresh Floral from Deb Strain.

Some really nice spring/summery florals.  Really makes you feel like spring is coming, soon!

Guess, you’d better make sure your plans for the week include a trip to the shop to check out all the new fabrics!  Please, save me a little!

Later, Sandra



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