Posted by: sandra | January 29, 2011

Doing our part…

Our family is a big dog friendly family.  We have had at least one dog almost the entire time that we have been married.  Which is why when I have no photos to post I always throw in one of these

Brandy or

Abby or

Roxy, my son and daughter in laws puppy.

So, today when my husband and I were out being tourists at a local winery…

Chateau Morrisette

We were happy to find “Bear” the winery dog.

While we were partaking in a ‘little’ wine tasting we were given the history of the winery.  Seems at one point the owners son had a label made for the wine that honored his recently departed dog.  Sales jumped 100%.  So, they tried again with another wine and another dog label and sales jumped 600% percent.  Can you guess what every label looks like now?  As we speak, I am making dog labels for all the fat quarters in the shop…

We also learned that the winery has a collection of wines that benefit a couple of local and state dog foundations.  They are called ‘service dog wines’.

8% of the sales benefit the dog foundations.  They are even available in a “kennel” pack.  As you can imagine, we had to ‘do our part’ to help these worthy causes…

Of course, you could always go with the local stand by…

Cheers, Sandra



  1. You are so fabulous, I love your posts and adventures!! Miss you!!

  2. Miss you too! Let’s do the quilt show…see you in February.

  3. We have visited Chateau Morrisette, too! It’s a really nice way to spend a day…and one of our favorite “everyday” reds is Liberty…hope to see you soon!

    • Liberty was Rich’s favorite too. Me, not so much…

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