Posted by: sandra | January 28, 2011

A fun and easy project

One of the things that Sue sent me from the shop was the supplies for a fast, fun and easy placemat.  A four sided placemat at that.

Start with four different fat quarters, an oval template and create one placemat that can be easily flipped to show four different sides.  Great way to make seasonal placemats, or fun ones for the kids.  Plus no binding and no handwork!

You can also add ric rac or piping for a different look, maybe I’ll try that next time…

Sue sent me a patriotic fabric,

a wine and cheese fabric

a fruit fabric

and a gardening fabric

I’m thinking Christmas presents (don’t shoot me)!  It would be fun to make Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter as a set.  I guess I better start collecting fabric.

Here is what the pattern/template set looks like. $13.50.   Sue has them on order again so look for them in the shop real soon.

Later, Sandra





  1. Thats CRAZY!!!!! I must get back to town!!!

  2. Sandra this looks easy but I did buy the potholders pattern and I am lost Will there be a class or anything on these?

    • Susan, these placemats are way easier then the potholder. I don’t know if there will be a class on the potholders. We would have to ask Sue G. You might try bringing your pattern/potholder to the store and see if any of the ‘girls’ can help you. Although that can be difficult if they haven’t made it…Any question I might be able to help with?

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