Posted by: sandra | January 27, 2011

Digging through the piles

My husband has been in Virginia Beach for six days, and like a good Navy wife I was very happy for the break!  I sure don’t miss the six month deployments, or the one year tour in Iraq, but I sure miss the short trips he used to take.  For the last six days I have practically lived in my sewing room!  I did not even vacuum once!

My goal was to sort, finish, declutter, and work on these big piles of projects!

In the end I:

quilted and bound a baby quilt

made three twin size quilt backs

layered and basted two small quilts

bound two very small quilts

attached the binding to one large quilt

finished about a third of a new shop sample

made binding for four quilts

put my Folk Art Bloom quilt together and prepped the appliques

worked on many, many wool pieces

cut out two quilts of valor quilts

and put several things back in bins where I can’t see them…

And what do I have to show for it…just one thing…

This is a small wool applique piece.  I had finished it a while back and framed it.  The pattern is from Lori Smith (From My Heart To Your Hand) and is designed to be easily framed.  I was never very happy with the results of it though.  So, I took it all apart (including the quilting) and then added a border.  Then I requilted (is that a word?) it and bound it.  Now  it is hanging in my sewing room and I an so much happier with it!

Here is what the pattern looks like, hers looks very nice framed.

It is Fit to Frame number six ($9.25) and is usually available in the shop.  I have several other of the Fit to Frame patterns, the patterns include a lot of designs for the price!

I think this is the one I’m going to start next…

Fit to Frame pattern number six.

Well, now my husband is home and I think my sewing frenzy will have to slow down.  Luckily, Sue sent me a few goodies from the store!  Can’t wait to start and play with those…

Later, Sandra




  1. In a word…WOW which in laymans terms equals SANDRA

    • It is amazing what you can get done when you don’t cook, clean or shop. Especially if you drink Starbucks all day!

  2. Small world Sandra – I just finished gutting out all the pieces of the same Fit to Frame pattern! I do like it with the border….. will have to think about that. Great work!

    • That is cutting, not gutting…

  3. Sandra – you are amazing. i want to be just like you when i grow up, at 54 – i better hurry up 🙂

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