Posted by: sandra | January 26, 2011

The Block Loc ruler has arrived!

While at fall market one of the new tools (you know we love them) we ordered was the block loc ruler.  They are from a company in Australia, and they have finally arrived!  (Try reading this post with an Australian accent…)

Their booth was right across from Marcie Patch’s booth, and she was the one that showed us these great rulers!  (Thanks for the photo I took from Marcie’s blog too).

These rulers are for squaring up half square triangles.  Once you have pieced your block you lay the square ruler on top of it.  The ruler has a groove that nestles into the seam line and keeps it in place.  Now you can trim you block without your ruler sliding about.  Very fast and very accurate!   How cool is that!

You can also go and see a video of how to use the ruler at

I’ll also ask Sue if we can have some store demos on the rulers use, you will love it!

By the way, speaking of Marcie Patch, she has another new pattern available.  You may remember that Dream Catcher was in McCall’s Quilting magazine last fall.  If you didn’t get the magazine, it is now available in a pattern!  I have to check, I think she may have another new pattern too…

And in today’s mail…

Five pounds of jawbreakers!  Don’t ask…

Later, Sandra






  1. Oh you know I’m gonna ask……

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