Posted by: sandra | January 24, 2011

Shop Tour

My husband is still in Virginia Beach, helping his mother buy a new car.  Today, he went into the shop to pick up a few supplies for me.  Just a little to tide me over until I go back for quilt show next month…Mana gave him the tour and directed him on what he should take photos of.  I was so jealous!  You know he did not have as much fun as I would have…

Here are a few photos, so you can see what new goodies are in the store.

The Accu Quilt display, notice that cute pink carry all bag!

One of my favorite sections, the wool corner.

Look at the adorable matching child and doll dress!  Sweet little slippers too!

Check out all the fruits, veggies and snack fabric.

Here are some of the blocks from Aunt Pitty Pats class.

Makes me count the days until I will get back in the shop!  I hate to miss out on things!

Later, Sandra



  1. Sniff…..sniff!

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