Posted by: sandra | January 22, 2011

A Heavenly Day

After all of the craziness at our house over the last month, today was the first real day of serious quiet and sewing!  I spent most of the day getting reacquainted with my sewing room.  And what a mess it is!  I was so happy being in that mess!

I worked mainly on two projects, that is very impressive for me!  First I worked on putting my blocks together from Folk Art Bloom.  I hope to have my borders on and some pictures of it in the next few days.

Next I worked on my wool blocks from “Pennies From Heaven”.

I got eight blocks prepped and ready for stitching!  Yeah, what an accomplishment that is!

I chose a light background for my wool blocks, unlike the green they  used in the cover quilt.  I just couldn’t find a green in my stash that I was happy with.

I am considering a different setting for my blocks…

Here is how they look on the backgrounds, with no stitching, embroidery, etc.

Well, my house is still quiet…I may head back up to my sewing room…

Yes, a heavenly day.

Later, Sandra



  1. beautiful, great choice!

  2. I love the light background alot better than the dark.

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