Posted by: sandra | January 18, 2011

Trace, cut, repeat

Yesterday I had a quilt guild get together at our church.  The idea was to bring some handwork and hang out with some other members just talking, (eating chocolate) and having fun.  As I debated about what to bring I decided to work on the quilt from the new Pennies From Heaven book.

Of course, I got a little bit of grief from the group, since I was starting a new project.  Our guild theme this year has to do with finishing old projects.  Seriously, I think I can handle a new project and still get the one project that I committed to finishing done.  And, if not…oh well…

The cover quilt has ten applique blocks, made out of wool on a cotton background.  I figured tracing the design on Steam a Seam 2 was something I could do and still talk and eat chocolate.  Normally I would have only traced one block at a time, but since I had all afternoon I traced off all of them.  Last night (while staying up to go to the airport at midnight) I pressed them onto the wool, and this morning I cut them all out!!!!

This may not seem like much, but it feels like a huge accomplishment!  I feel like now I get to get onto my favorite part of the project, stitching!

I bought the wool kit from the shop, which we ordered directly from the quilt maker.  I was very happy with the yummy wools and the generous amounts.  I believe the wool block kit is $160 and the book is $26.99.  A very big investment, but what a treasure when it is finished!

I don’t think I’ll be up working on it tonight though.  We got home from the airport about 2:30 this morning, driving through quite the snow and ice storm.  I got up ‘early’, but I figure by nine o’clock tonight I’ll be done!

Later, Sandra



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