Posted by: sandra | January 15, 2011


Holly wrote that she is having trouble getting her MOJO back after the holidays.  Several people commented and agreed with her.  I find that I am just the opposite.  I feel very motivated now that the Christmas cards have been sent, the shopping and baking done, the tree and the decorations put away, most of the holiday company come and gone.  I feel like now I can devote time to doing what I want, and not what needs to be done.  The fact that it is still cold and gets dark early means I don’t have any commitments outside yet either.  Anyone else feel this way?  I think this is the perfect time of the year to take classes and get some serious quilting done!  Anybody out there signed up for some good classes?

We spent our cold Saturday morning at the Home and Garden Show.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of these wonderful water features?

My dog would think this pool is just for her…

I think these were the only flowers at the ‘garden’ show.

This would look good at my house…

Did a little handwork today, a little wool prepping and cut out one thing with my Go! Baby, perhaps tomorrow I will get more accomplished.

Later, Sandra



  1. I think my mojo ito will arrive Tuesday afternoon when Steve goes TDY

    • I so miss TDY’s!!!!

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