Posted by: sandra | January 14, 2011

The countdown is on

The shop hop quilt top is finished and on its way back to Virginia Beach!  What a relief!  Now it goes to Rosemary for some fabulous quilting!  Will there be feather quilting????  The Tidewater Shop Hop starts February 19th or so, we’ll have lots more details for you on that later.

I was so happy to have the top done I just didn’t know what to start with first…so I…

  • Cut out some backs for charity quilts at church
  • cut out binding for the charity quilts
  • picked fabric and a project to use with my new Go! Baby
  • Cut out some wool pincushion kits for a class I am teaching
  • traced some wool projects on Steam a Seam ll

And I wonder why my sewing room is such a mess.  Imagine what it would be like if I actually picked out one project and just stuck with it!  (Not going to happen though.)

Tuesday is the first day of spring semester at Tech.  (The most wonderful day of the year?)  Rebecca got one of her text books in the mail today, reality is beginning to dawn on her…

975 pages, and she says, “Not even any fun fonts or anything!”

As a mother, the only thing I can offer her is this

Yummy milk from a glass bottle and fresh hot chocolate chip cookies.

Later, Sandra

P.S.  If you want to get your blog done in a timely manner (or anything else for that matter) stay away from     Mentally stimulating diversions…

Never did get the 4pm vacuuming done….



  1. Did you get a long straw to go with that milk?

  2. Denny couldn’t figure out how I could have a friend that vacuums every day!! Sure glad you miss a day or two!!!

    • Well, you can have all kinds of friends, including crazy ones! How are you feeling???

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