Posted by: Holly | January 13, 2011


Well I fell into the trap of the after holidays dull drums, big time! As I told Sandra yesterday, I am not depressed, just not excited. All the Christmas decorations are down, snowmen are up and we are having a big tree burning party at the end of the month. I didn’t understand it because it was only -5 degrees and sunny, so what’s the problem? …..Well we had a very stressful holiday season, especially the week before Christmas, and if I told you all everything, I would sound like a broken country record. So I decided the best thing for me to do was to go to the quilt shop. Even though I agree with the blog post from January 7th in regards to how lucky you are to have What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff (I know, I know I am bias), it’s still inspiring to be around bolts of fabric. While I did not purchase anything during that trip,( I was on a short time frame – meeting Dan for lunch), I saw a few new patterns that I will probably go back and get. Of course, then that means more work for Sue and Sandra.

My purpose in writing today’s post was to ask how everyone else deals with trying to get their MOJO back. You know you are busy, busy, busy, busy, then not, so something must be wrong. As much as I enjoy the kids being back in school and working from home, it does get pretty quite here. The highlight of my day was talking to the “good-lookin’ chickens”! I do have to deliver the eggs though. I have one lady I deliver to that leaves the money inside the front door and I leave the eggs. So I guess that is where the “Egg Money Quilts” came from. Before the 1940’s, most eggs were produced on rural farms with small flocks that scratched their way around the barnyard. The farmer’s wife was usually responsible for caring for her chickens and the money received from the sale of the eggs was hers. Surely, some fabric was purchased with this precious fund and from that came the quilt patterns uniquely associated with the Depression years of the 1930’s. During a time of hardship in America, there were still many things for which to be thankful. Life was simple, people neighborly, and quilts not only useful but also an extraordinary expression of imagination. Lately my money was going to Mocha Frappes at McDonalds. (No Starbucks here) So, I am reminded of a Quilt in a Day book by Eleanor Burns from a few years back titled: Egg Money Quilts – A 1930’s Vintage Sampler .

Here’s a little write up on the book:
Journey back to the times when milk was 14 cents a quart and bread 9 cents a loaf. Egg Money Quilts is not only a collection of twelve vintage quilt block patterns with two layouts, but also a treasury of extra projects created from the blocks. Eleanor guides you through her techniques to re-create the flavor of the “good old days.” The book contains over 200 pages, in full color, with sample quilts, step by step instructions and illustrations, yardage and cutting charts, and assistance in fabric selection. Enjoy a visual quilt show with photographs of a bounty of quilts and projects. The book has the tones of the era with snippets of life. You will enjoy reading the book just for the pleasure of it. Block patterns included: Grandmother’s Flower Garden, Road to California, Turkey Tracks, Rosebuds, Old Maid’s Puzzle, Dresden Plate, Double Wedding Ring, Rocky Road to Kansas, Peony, Friendship, Christian Cross, Garden Walk, Double Ax Head.

I spoke with Sue G at the shop and she is making sure we have a copy of this book at the shop if you are interested. Just let her know.

So, by the end of a beautiful day, that did include lunch with my husband, which is always a GOOD THING, I felt a bit of excitement, ExZuberance, MOJO, or whatever you want to call it. Look out girls!!! I think I was waiting for it to find ME, instead of ME finding it. Don’t wait for motivation to find YOU, YOU need to find IT!! Life is the journey, not the destination. Pretty sappy huh…..sorry…..maybe it will help me find a little motivation to find a recipe to try this weekend. Anyone want to bet on that?

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, happiness and lots of MOJO!!
Still lovin’ South Dakota,

Holly By Golly



  1. Glad you are finding your MOJO, although it does scare me a little.

  2. Yeah Sandra…duck LOL Holly, you are a little behind on our virtual tastings from the cookbook, perhaps you need a MOJO ito to get you goin!!! Just sayin 🙂

    • I’m glad you mentioned the cookbook…and not me…

  3. You are just experiencing holiday letdown. I find that January has few deadlines to meet (no gifts, parties etc.). Why don’t you start a quilt that sings about summer! Six months from now it will be hot and you will have a great quilt.

  4. Just heard on the radio that scientists say January 17th is the most depressing day of the year…so you were just ahead of schedule. You know you just have to CUT some fabric to feel better!

    • That is soooo not right! It’s my birthday and cannot possibly be the most despressing day of the year 😦

  5. Wow – i am glad i am not the only one. This is the dreariest part of the year. So gray. No more Christmas decorations to light up the night on my way into work and again on my way home. Come on spring. Hang in there Holly. I know you miss the store and the store is very inspiring but just remember, lots of people are thinking of you.

    • Just come my way the decorations are still outside just not blown up anymore . Just can’t find the MOJO to bring them in.

      • Ha…ha….Susan, I hear ya…..I took off the decorations and put the tree out on the porch (still in the stand), then it snowed and looked so pretty I haven’t wanted to do anything else with it. We are having a tree burning party at the end of the month, soooo, bet it stays there until then……

  6. Thanks for all the support ladies! I do feel more inspired and I think I will have a MOJO – ITA….and make something good from the cookbook. Any suggestions? What are you having in DDD? I am going to check out a few recipes and see what I end up with…..

  7. I have good MOJO just no TIME!

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