Posted by: sandra | January 11, 2011

Count on It

“Count on It” is the newest book from Art to Heart.  Have you seen it?  Let me show you what you are missing…  First, here is one of their displays at market.

Here is the cover of the book, all those cute little appliques we love!

And to let you know what all you will find inside, here is Nancy Halverson’s desciption of the book.

Celebrate the year by counting each day of the month or enjoy the anticipation of counting down to your favorite holidays. Decorate for birthdays with a Birthday Quilt displaying their age or count down to their special day. Add a Happy Birthday Garland, the names are interchangeable! Give a welcome to a holiday or party with a pot stake banner.

Better yet, here are pictures from the book, so you will know just how cute it is!





We always carry lots of Art to Heart fabric from Benartex, come check it out!

Well, more company coming  for dinner.  Luckily my vacuuming was done early!  Lasagna anyone?

Later, Sandra



  1. Did I see a cute little shamrock in the background?

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog everyday. I just keep adding to my wish list and your inspiration is great. Do you ship items from the store?

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    Thank you for the kind words. We would be happy to ship from the store. If you see something you want call (757) 523-2711 and let the ‘girls’ know. We ship all over the world! Sandra

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