Posted by: sandra | January 8, 2011

Happy Feet

Today has been snowing and cold and windy, what a great day to stay inside and sew!  My parents have left and  I have a week before my mother-in-law returns, time to do some real bonding with my sewing machine. I wonder if my family will miss me?

As always, I have a variety of projects I am working on.  I finished a quilt top for our church group, and then made the cutest pair of slippers!

My husband walked in when I was finishing them, and he even thought they were pretty darn cute.  (He wanted to know if they were for Ellie?)


This is the second style of slippers I have made from the pattern company “Favorite Things”.  The design is called Happy Feet.  Inside, they are lined with yummy brown minkee, can you imagine how great that feels!  They also have a great non slip sole, which also makes them practical.  Remember, yummy soft minkee first, practical second.

Here is the pattern $14, as you can see there is also a pattern for a slipper that looks like Mary Jane shoes, adorable!  Sue will be ordering patterns for the slippers next week, so they should be in the store the week after that.

At our house we refer to this one as having Happy Feet…

We joke, that it was those feet that saved her from the county shelter.  My daughter saw her picture on (A very dangerous place!) and we just had to go and see her…and take her home…and spoil her…and give her my favorite chair…and add black and white dog hair to the brown dog hair we already had.  Priceless!

Later, Sandra



  1. Those are definatly some cute feets! A wierd chew toy, but cute feets 🙂

    • Weird, but favorite toy! It is a liner from a milking machine…the wonders of online shopping…

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