Posted by: sandra | January 4, 2011

A little bit of antiquing

While my parents have been in town I have done very little sewing but a lot of shopping at the local antique stores.  I am always drawn to the old sewing supplies, quilt tops and I love buttons!  Today, the find of the day was this Betsy Ross children’s sewing machine, it was soooo cute!

This was at the first shop, I don’t remember seeing one like this before.  It is green and very heavy!  After I saw it I stopped in the restroom, and when I came back it was gone!!!  Let that be a lesson to you!  Of course, I have wanted it even more once someone else had it!

Then, at the second shop I found this little Singer machine, cute too.  But twice the price!  And there was something about that green…So, I passed on it.

Then, at shop number three I found this old baby!  This was a true antique, with a true antique price tag.  Funny how you can never see an item and then find three in one afternoon…Maybe I’ll wander on over to ebay and see what they have…

There were lots and lots and lots of quilts today.  All of them very  well loved!  I sure hope the quilts I make get used and used up like these!

I’ll let you know if I find any treasures on ebay…

Later, Sandra



  1. A well loved quilt is a beautiful thing … we should all be so lucky to have ours that worn : )

    • Agreed!

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