Posted by: sandra | January 2, 2011

What a difference a week makes…

Last Sunday we never made it to church because of all the snow and ice.  Today, virtually all the snow is gone and we spent the afternoon outside at the dog park.  I will say it is pretty wet and muddy, but no snow or ice.  I suppose that we are not done for the season though…Holly, how much snow did you get at your house?  Will you be dug out in time to get the kids back in school tomorrow?  How about those of you in Virginia Beach, is the snow all gone?

I did get to spend a little bit of time in my sewing room with my mother.  She is a quilter also, but has lost some of her motivation!  I have been trying to get her excited about some new projects.  We did have a god time making more of these “snap happy” bags.  They are just so darn addicting!  One fat quarter made the top for all three bags!
If you have not tried them yet, the time has come.  The pattern is from Stitchin’ Sisters and includes three different bag sizes. (pattern about $8)  There is also a Snap Happy II pattern that includes more sizes.We also cut out a churn dash quilt for my mother to take home and sew.  She told me to keep pestering her to get going on it…

At 4pm yesterday, the vacuuming hour, I saw the most astonishing sight I had ever seen!!!!!!  My father vacuuming!!!!  I don’t think I have ever see this in my entire life!  Merry Christmas!  Do you suppose that means he thought my house was particularly dirty?


I can live with that…

The winners of Holly’s blog contest giveaway are……

Sandi Harrah     and      Susan!  You have each won a $20.11 gift certificate to the shop!!!! Congratulations!!  Just stop by the shop to pick up your prize!

Later, Sandra



  1. Gerat to see your dad having so much fun! Really…it’s one of two things…he was bored or just likes the Dyson! My husband loves the steam mop…oh my, how lucky! I loathe mopping of any kind, and he has taken over for the wood and tile floors…woo hoo! (He really likes the Dyson, too…now, if I could just acquaint him with the clothes washer…)

  2. those bags are addictive! I made about 100 over this last summer to give away for xmas. they were a huge hit amoung my friends! such a hit that some of my friends are digging thru their hubbys tool boxes looking for broken metal carpenters tapes for me. endless possibilities! (mauh) Liz

    • I just used a 25 1/2 ft ruler and I only have about 10 inches left I quit counting the snap bags I nade But they were a hit!

  3. Does the shop carry the pattern for the snap happy bags? I have seen them on several blogs and would love to make a few…well maybe a whole bunch..:). Looking forward to the Feburary Shop hop and stopping in the store! I stop by your blog every week or so, enjoy seeing all the new projects.

    • I have seen the pattern there when Ive been in to shop

    • Yes, we carry the pattern, I think in two different sizes.

  4. GREAT!! Thanks so much!

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