Posted by: sandra | January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions…

So, how many of you make resolutions for the new year?  This year I did not make any “real” resolutions…I’ve been through the diet, exercise, be organized stuff…I just plan on continuing to finish up some projects.  Maybe even finish more then I start, (It could happen).  Hey, don’t laugh!

Our quilt guild is running a UFO challenge.  Every member is asked to bring in one or two projects and pledge to finish it by January 2012.  Just telling other people about our unfinished projects can motivate us to work on them. I just have to decide which two projects I will take to the guild…In reality I probably have over 50 started projects, in varying degrees of completion.  (I am not actually counting…just guessing.  Reality is not important here).  I especially love the ones that I couldn’t wait to buy so I could get started on them right away!!!!!!

Occasionally I run into someone who buys fabric for only one project at a time, and only work at that one project until it is done.  I admit, those people scare me!

Maybe I should be happy if I can just see the table again…

Or dig through the big pile of ‘treasures’.

Even my sheep basket is overflowing with binding strips…

The shop will be having a UFO special during the month of January.  I have yet to confirm the details, but there will be some incentives offered to motivate you to finish.  Start thinking about what project(s) of yours you would love to see finished this year.  Remember, when you use some of what you have you can buy more.

Finally, did you know a straw apparently is all you need to drink chocolate milk from a glass bottle…

Happy New Year!  Later, Sandra




    • Yes, thankfully! Although she will probably be the only one who drinks it. So very rich and creamy…and heavy.

  2. Hey, Did you know that when you move the cursor back and forth on the screen it changes the direction of the falling snow?……COOL……just a little FYI for the NEW YEAR! Hope everyone had a good one!….you don’t even want to here my resolution list……

  3. Happy new year to you all as well. The rain took the remainder of the snow away today. YEAH. Sandra, i am amazed at what you get done. I would be proud to be you.

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