Posted by: sandra | December 29, 2010

A little bit of sewing!

I had a few hours today when I could put off the rest of the world and do a little sewing!  My how that makes the rest of life seem good!  Because my parents get here tomorrow I wanted to do something I could finish up.  So, today I made an adorable “oven mutt” (oven mitt).

This funny guy is from Pieceful Designs.  The pattern includes a dog, a cat and a fish.  We picked up the pattern at market after seeing a cute display with all these fun guys!  How could we resist!  We used ‘insulbrite’ in it too, so it really works as an oven mitt.  Just how fun is that.  Here is a picture of the pattern cover. $8

We picked up a couple of other patterns from this company also.  Below is a quilted wall hanging that would be perfect for a little boys room. Pattern $8

Check out the website at     if you would like to see their other designs.  You can always let Sue know if you see something you would like her to special order.

Also, don’t forget today is the last day to leave a comment on the post from 12/22/10 to be entered in the drawing for the $20.11 gift certificate.  Wouldn’t that make a great New Years present!

Later, Sandra



  1. My seven year old will love the baseball wall hanging. I just have to get a pattern when it comes in. We should be getting some quilting done with all the snow keeping us home.

    • Carol, the baseball pattern is already available in the store! In case you can ever get out in the snow…

  2. Thank you Sandra for highlighting my patterns. I so enjoy designing them, but seeing them recreated by my quilting friends out there is even more joyful! Thanks again….back to the drawing board and sewing machine.

    • Keep up the good work, we love your things!

  3. I love the oven mitts. How cute and something to brighten up the kitchen! I think the dog is my favorite. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Are the patterns for the oven mitts in the store?

    • Yes, they are. Enjoy

      • Thanks I can start now for next years gifts!!!!!!!

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