Posted by: sandra | December 27, 2010

You got how much snow?

I heard you got 14 inches of snow!!  What’s up with that?  That is more then you are supposed to get in a couple of years.  We lived there for six years and never saw that much snow (all the years combined).  Town will be closed for a week!  You even made the newspaper here!


The sun came out here this afternoon, so we had some clearing of the roads going on!

We made it to the Roanoke Airport ok to drop off my mother-in-law.  Also a trip to the DMV to get a title for moms car.  A trip to the towing company to get personal items out of her car.  A trip to the car dealer to drop off my car for repairs.  A trip to the Subaru dealer to test drive a new car for my husband.  Mom comes back in three weeks, and then we have to help her buy a car.  Yikes!  You can not buy fun like this!

I had high hopes of getting some sewing done today…but, there is always tomorrow.

We have a girls night out tonight, so life is good!

Keep warm!

Later, Sandra




  1. yea, girls night out!

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