Posted by: sandra | December 23, 2010

Thanks Holly

Thanks for jumping in at the last minute and writing a blog entry for me yesterday.  As you may have heard my mother in law was coming from Chesapeake for Christmas when she was in a car accident.  Thankfully, she is doing well!  We drove about an hour to pick her and have her car towed.  I won’t show you any pictures of that, a little too intense.  Again, we are just all thankful that no one was hurt!  The car, can be replaced.  Everyone who is traveling for the holidays, drive safely!

I did find an interesting antique store I will need to go back to, right next to the tow company.  Who knows what you might find in a place this odd…

Can you see the horse and rider on top of the building?

What might be in the building with the giant cow head?

Or, what about the buffalo in the parking lot?

Or the building with the huge sunflower?  Remember, we were all getting a little crazy about now…

Yes, Holly the “baby” and the diaper bag made it fine.  And we she asks about the baby…she means this baby.

The Go! Baby from Accucut.

Yesterday, Holly also offered a $20.11 gift certificate to the store, for the person with the best comment on her blog post.  To be entered go to the post for December 22 and leave a comment.  You can also go to our facebook page and vote on your favorite comment.  Polls close on December 29th.

I am going to tell my family I have to go upstairs, all by myself, and wrap the last of the Christmas presents.  Then tell them if they hear my sewing machine…it’s just part of the wrapping process…..

Later, Sandra




  1. Sandra I am glad to hear your Mother in Law is doing well! Merry Christmas!

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