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You’ve heard the expression, be careful what you wish for, well, lately, my days have been, “Be careful what you think!” That is why I am posting today. Yesterday I had a few minutes of quiet time at the house and decided to get out my sewing machine. I quickly heard a little voice say, “WHO DAT?!” It was my “little brother” asking who was going to use him? It has been soooo long. Anyway, I decided to take a few photos just in case I might need to post something in the next few days, so I would be ready. I received a call from Sandra this afternoon asking if I could post today. Now, it’s like 1:30 and I have to be somewhere by 4:30 and we all know how long it takes me to do anything, but, Sandra can be very convincing.   As it turned out, her mother-in-law was in a car accident in route to their house for the holidays. No particulars, so please keep them in your prayers for good news. I’m sure she will let us know how Carmen is.   Also pray for the BABY GO & DIAPER BAG that was in the car…

So, anyway, this is what I worked on.  JC Penney had a BIG  display with a BIG  sign for a BIG  sale.  There is something about quanity that makes your want to buy, so I bought…….I think I bought about 20 towels in a variety of colors to “do something” with. Here is one of my stacks:

I decided to put ititials on all of them and give as a quick Christmas gifts for the “kids” in the “family”.  I used a big font outline and rotated it so it would be mirror image and ready for heat and bond.  Iron it on and blanket stitch around.

Below is photo of the 12 I finished yesterday.  I still have a few more to do.  It was very quick and easy and will be fun to see the kids open there “personalized” towel.  Notice how many “D”s there are.  These are all for first names.  You could also make something like this for a shower/wedding gift using the last inital.  Something that can not bought and comes from the heart.  I am adding a few “personal” items” like lotions, etc for them. 

Sydney was busy on Sunday herself.  Here’s the  gingerbread house she made with Levi……..(of course Levi is toooo coool to have his photo taken…..but yet walks around school with a Mickey Mouse Santa hat….go figure…..

Our mantle……wish our son, Forrest, was here to be with us!

And my last photo today is of some flowers our friends brought over last night.  Look how cute the vase is.  Like something out of “How the Grinch stole Christmas”  A “WHO Boot”. 

LeighAnn told me she liked it so much, she thought about keeping it.  I think I will tuck it away after Christmas and refill for her next year.  Start a new tradition with her.  Have you every done something silly, fun, crazy like that…..reuse the same box back and forth between friends and holidays.  So, here is the Christmas special throwdown……..The best comment on this post will receive a  $20.11 gift certificate to What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff from Heidi-Idy!   You have until Wednesday, December 29th and the winner will be announced on January 1, 2011…..New Year’s Day.  Feel free to vote on your favorite comment on our FACEBOOK page.  Because we will be checking it twice to find out who is naughty or nice in their opinions……


Holly by Golly in a snowy South Dakota



  1. Cute towels Holly! We picked up mom and brought her home. She seems fine, still in shock though. Her car was towed away… we are all thankful it wasn’t worse.

    • So glad to hear she is okay!! How is the “Baby”?…………

  2. The towels were cool and the boot was also charming. Next year you could do a candy bouquet with it.

  3. Love, Love, Love your blog site. Though I live in Maine, I feel connect to WYSS through Heidi-Idy’s Happenings ‘n Stuff. Keep up the great work.

    Holly, you have motivated me to run over to my local shopping center tonight and big up a big towel for my two new GREAT nephews. What kid doesn’t want his own personlized towel for x-mas. All of my older nieces and nephews have had their own personnalized towels for years, your inspiration has reminded me that the traditon must continue. I’ve got 36 hours to complete the task. That’s plenty of time.

    Have a happy holiday and I hope to be in the store this year. Might head down to VA Beach to check out your quilt show later

  4. Glad I could add a little last minute pressure…I mean inspiration to your holiday….ha…ha….where in Maine do you live? We have been going to Moosehead Lake over the last 40 years……..

  5. Those towels really are cute, maybe for next year, as I still have 4 travel pillowcases to complete before you know when 🙂

  6. I like the towel idea. I may have to make some for my grandkids birthdays coming up in a few months.

  7. Love the idea for the towels. Maybe you should come back to the shop to teach a class. Also great idea for adding to a big block quilt. I have a couple to make for two young people heading off to college next year. Thanks Holly, that fresh air out there in SD is keeping your brain crisp.

    • Crisp…..well that’s a new word for what Sandra and Sue call it….ha…ha….Judy you are the one that could teach me….

  8. I love the gingerbread house and stockings. The boot vase is adorable. Maybe you can fill it with Dr. Seuss style cake-pops or cookies! That could be so fun! Sydney doesn’t bear any resemblance to anyone we know, does she?!?

    • OMG…..Sandi….do you know about cake pops too? I love her website…..and yes I have to admit I have a mini me…’s your family doing?

      • I love the cake pops! I haven’t tried to make any, but love how creative she is. My family is doing really well, growing like weeds (as boys will do). I can’t believe Richard has a learner’s permit already! ack!

      • Pretty soon Richard will be driving his grandmother around!!!!! Don’t you all remember when we gort our license we had to drive the younger sblings around everywhere.

  9. Love the towels. What a neat gift, doesn’t have to be for Christmas. Bday, shower gift, etc. Neat idea.

  10. I love the big shoe! Just think of the cute things you can put in them for the different seasons!
    Your daughter did a great job with the ginger bread house. I remember when my kids and I made one!

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