Posted by: sandra | December 21, 2010

Done is good…

I have been working on a Christmas quilt top over the past several years.  As I finished the last stitches yesterday I was celebrating that it was done!!!!  Then I realized…it still has to be quilted!  Even so, I am going to count it as done.  (You know, I can’t do anything more with it until it comes back from the machine quilter…)

This is the finished quilt top, now…This project started off much bigger, however somewhere along the line I realized it was never going to get finished.  So, I used some of the blocks I had completed and just put them together with sashing and borders and called it done.    I can not remember the name of the original pattern design.  Jacque, do you remember?  I thought it was a Vintage Spool Design, but maybe not.  Most of the fabrics are Mitstletoe Manor by Three Sisters, probably about five years old.  Jacque and I planned our quilts together, back before I knew she liked to plan more then sew.  But, it reminds me of the fun we had at Starbucks working out the details.  And, even though it is smaller then the original idea, it is done! And we all know, done is good.

One of the blogs I read regularly is for Rosebud’s Cottage.  A quilt store/scrapbook type store in St. Paul.  Let me show you some great photos she had from a recent tour she took.

Is this not a great package decorating idea?

Decorating your tree with notions?

How fun is that decorating?

If you would like to see lots more photos and details about the house tour her blog address is

Holly sent me an email today, asking if it was time for a Christmas giveaway…Leave it to Holly to ask that four days before Christmas.  Of course I told her yes and asked for details…still waiting on that…but stay tuned for more information!

It sure didn’t take Sue long to hear that I told you all about the Buggy Barn fabric (see yesterdays post).  Seems I have some ‘splainin to do.

Later, Sandra



  1. Sandra the Christmas quilt is just beautiful. I would love to have the time to decorate packages like the pictures. She must be related to Martha Stewart 🙂 Take care and Merry Christmas. I look forward to reading the blog everyday even though i don’t post every day. Stay warm and enjoy the season.

  2. Good for you Sandra! As if there was any doubt that you would get the quilt top finished! I hope 2011 is the year I am able to finish some old but loved quilts myself. Take care and have a Merry Christmas!

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