Posted by: sandra | December 18, 2010

You’ve come a long way baby

This morning, while I was supposed to be wrapping Christmas prestents, I finished putting this little sheep quilt top together.  Cute little sheep, odd little head…But, I love it!  I chose to put a simple border on the quilt, rather then the pieced rail fence.  (Gotta admit, rail fence is a cute idea).  I just loved that pink and brown border print and wanted to highlight  it.

This was my favorite quilt pattern from spring market, guess it took me awhile to make it.  My excuse is, I was waiting for the ‘Lily and Will” fabric to come in!  (Work with me here).  The pattern is from another ‘new to us’ pattern company.  Bean Counter Quilts by Lorrie Franz. The pattern has two different versions of this quilt, in a couple of sizes.  Here is a picture of the pattern cover.

We brought home several designs from this company, be sure to look for them in the shop.  You can also check out her website at   You know the routine, see any patterns you want and Sue would be happy to order them.

This is what I am planning on putting on the back

with a brown binding to match the sheep.

Working on a sheep quilt reminded me of one of the very first quilts I ever made.  Probably around ’91 or so.  I dug it out of a trunk…and realized just how “special” that early quilt was.  I am going to share this ‘treasure’ with you.  And you know, I wouldn’t share this with just anybody…


are you ready?



are you sure?




I’m pretty sure that this is a Debbie Mumm design.  I made it as a shop sample and also taught a class on it!  The quilt does not lay flat…the pieced borders don’t fit…there is no binding…and I hand quilted it with embroidery floss.  The back is a lovely piece of stark white muslin, and I have no idea what the batting is…It also hung on the wall in my family room for many years.

It’s good to have a reminder of just what we’ve learned and how far we’ve come.

Now, I gotta go wrap some presents, the party across the street starts at 6.

Later, Sandra



  1. I am sure its Debbie Dumm and I made the same one with a celery colored background !! I think its cute, mine is loooong gone … thanks for the memories … 1 sheep 2 sheep

  2. I always liked that pattern….and the new one is adorable! Of course, mine would have to be black….ha..ha….

  3. Maybe the Zooooobers need a couple sheep…..hmmmmm…..don’t think my cattle neighbors would appreciate THAT!!

  4. The sheep bring back memories I made them for Fawn for Christmas one year. Of course mine was out of civil war fabric…

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