Posted by: sandra | December 16, 2010

Send in the Marines

We awoke this morning to some falling snow, (I’ve heard that Virginia Beach is getting some too.)  This has been our first real snow accumulation of the season, maybe 5 inches or so.  Followed by sleet, rain, more sleet and next we are going to get some strong wind.  Yeah.

My husband headed off to work this morning in his little truck.

About ten minutes later when he still had not made it out of our neighborhood…he came and got my van.

About 15 minutes later he had made it out of our neighborhood, but still not very far when work was canceled.

Then one of our neighbors got her car stuck and out go the guys with shovels to dig her out.  Meanwhile we are shoveling and salting and repeating.

As it turns out Rebecca had her last final exam at 1pm.  She sure couldn’t get to school in her car. A little Hyundai Elantra.

So, out goes the van again.  Poor thing never got further then six feet from our driveway!  Took five people to dig it out and push it back in the garage.

But, alas, final exams must go on!

So, my husband calls his Marine friend to save the day!  The Major arrives in his truck.

Runs Rebecca to school for her final and home again!  My husband always says “when the navy needs help, they send the marines”!  Thanks Major!

Now, we are all home and snowbound.  Luckily the party tonight is only across the street.  I think we can handle that.

Later, Sandra


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