Posted by: sandra | December 15, 2010

Novelty fabrics

It seems to me over the last couple of years there have been a lot of novelty fabrics based on tv, movies and books.

It seems like the Wizard of Oz collections really started it.

Liked it, but didn’t need to have any of it.

Then we had the I Love Lucy fabric.

Again, I liked it ok, but didn’t need to have any.

Somewhere along the line we had Beatles fabric.

Can’t say that I even liked these fabrics…

But, then along came…Dr. Suess fabric

The first collection sold very well, so Sue has ordered more.  It should be in the shop in mid-January.  If you like Dr. Suess, you will love these fabrics, the colors are very true!

But, finally the character fabric I am really excited about…Spot!

large block print

all over character squares

all over print

These three bolts came in today, from Andover fabrics.  I guess they are so appealing to me, because they are some of the books I read to my kids. Nostalgic huh?  Retro I guess…

Now, if you are wondering what to do with some of these novelty prints, we have found that “strip quilts” are perfect!  They are pretty fast, easy to show off the prints, and easy to machine quilt yourself.  We especially like to put minkee on the back for soft, cuddly quilts!

If you have not seen our minkee quilt, here is an example of one.  (In Valentines Day fabrics).

Doesn’t it make you want to mke your own novelty things?

Later, Sandra




  1. I will be wrapped up in my Minkee blanket tonight! Too cold for Virginia Beach.

  2. I have done 4 strip quilts with Minkee on the back. I am hooked and they make perfect baby gifts with the soft minkee on the back.

  3. One of my all time favorite quilts has minkee on the back. It always makes me feel better just cuddling up with it!…..and anyone that knows me, knows I love the strip quilts…..right girls?!

    • don’t encourage her!

  4. just for fun :p I counted the “undone” strip quilts I have … 17 … that doesn’t count the ones that have gone on and the ones bedazzling various chairs and keeping cats warm.

    What kind of sick woman comes up with an obsessive pattern like that???

    • Some evil mastermind! Who should have held out for a percentage of all those strip quilt sales….

      • amen sista

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