Posted by: sandra | December 14, 2010

Virginia Quilt Museum

Have any of you ever been to the Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg, Virginia?  I have not been to the museum yet, but realized it is only about two hours from here.  No more excuses, it is on my list of places to visit!  Can I wait until it gets a few degrees warmer?

The museum has several permanent exhibits as well as various traveling exhibits.  Among the permanent collections are a Civil War Collection of quilts, and a collection of antique sewing machines.  The current display collection focuses on quilts from 1840-2004, with an emphasis on doll quilts and crib quilts.  If you’d like more information visit their website at

Recently our library sponsored a lecture and slide show given by the president of the board of directors of the museum, Paula Golden.

Here is Paula, she is also a member of our local guild.  How lucky we are!

The quilts in the slide show were stunning, I can only imagine how wonderful they are in person.  All of her slides focused on quilts from the book she coauthored:

Quilts of Virginia, 1607-1899: The Birth of America through the Eye of a Needle.  This is a book we carry at the shop ($29.95) and it is a wonderful historical book.  Tons of color photos and amazing information about these quilts and Virginian history.  If you are still looking for a Christmas gift for a quilter, this would be a great book.

As for me, I spent the first part of my day working on wool projects.  I am trying to get as many things prepped and ready to stitch before my Christmas company arrives.  The second half of the day I spent wrapping and getting boxes ready to mail.

I heard the shop received the pink suede bags for the Go! Baby.  Can’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail.  My parents will be here for New Years, and I know what we will be doing…

Later, Sandra





  1. This is definately on my list of things to see in the new year! Hoping to get some of the quilters in my T-Bird club to make a caravan trip of it!

  2. The Quilt Museum of VA is wonderful! I had a great visit there a year or so ago and saw a fantastic applique quilt exhibit. The quilts were so amazing; I only wish they had allowed photographs. I think seeing the quilts in the museum is what finally won over my husband to my new hobby! 🙂

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