Posted by: sandra | December 13, 2010

My secret weapon

Well, who would have thought…it turns out “my” Rebecca likes to trace wool patterns on to Steam a Seam!  What that means is she likes to do the part of wool work that I like the least!!  What that really means is…

She has traced off a bunch of new patterns for me!  I also hope that means once she gets done with her pesky finals, she can do a little more!  Here is a pile of wool things I was able to get moving on because she got them traced and started nagging me.  I love it!

This one is called Run Chicken Run from Primitive Gatherings.  I sent the sample to the shop, and the kits should be on their way!  Pretty fast and easy, even if you have to do your own tracing.

Here is a great “hint” for you.  When you are pressing wool and you get some adhesive on your iron.  Not like that would ever happen to me…Run your hot iron over a used dryer sheet, and it takes the adhesive off of your iron.  WOW!

Now, back to the Christmas tree, I do have one Hokie ornament!  I think you have to in order to live around campus.  I just don’t have a whole tree full.

A face only a mother could love.

Later, Sandra




  1. Wow – the wool projects are beautiful. You are also lucky to be able to buy VT stuff. I graduated from ODU, who also now has a football team – nothing compared to VT of course. The only place that i have been able to find it is at the campus where every Wal-mart, Target, Macy’s, etc. carries VT stuff.

  2. I am sure that your tree is much more enjoyable with A Hokie bird ornament.
    Go Hokies.
    Carol J.

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