Posted by: sandra | December 12, 2010

The Christmas tree is decorated

Are you a Christmas tree “theme’ person?  You know, someone who has a different style tree each year?  Silver and blue one year, all angels the next, etc.  I could never do that!  Each year I take out all of the ornaments, and nearly everyone goes on the tree!  The tree is a history of our life and where we have been.  I did send my son all of his Christmas ornaments this year.  So it seems a little odd to not have very many of his things on the tree.

Boy, that brown wall in the background is awful in the photo!

My sister cross stitched this santa, love it!

My friend Anne painted this Santa, one for each of the kids too.

Ornaments from all the places we have lived.  Pensacola, Florida, Whidbey Island, Washington, Novato, California, Newport, Rhode Island, Omaha, Nebraska, Chesapeake, Virginia….I guess I need one from Christiansburg, Something other then a Hokie Bird.

Remember these?  How many did we make for the church bazaar????

Lots of patriotic and military ornaments too.

I also put out my favorite nativity set!  Hard to find a space for it in this house.  Two dogs and wood floors make for a fragile combination.  This set came from my sister, and although a ton of other people have the same set I still adore it.

Now, I don’t want to be accused of not giving you any quilting motivation…so how about this idea that was on Moda Bake Shops website.

It has potential doesn’t it?

So far, none of the snow/sleet they have been threatening us with.  How about you Holly?

Later, Sandra



  1. I feel the same way as you do….from the ornaments my children made in school….to present day quilting ornaments—and Nutcracker ballerina ornaments and ornaments of dogs and cats we’ve had – it tells a beautiful story… your tree is so pretty—- Merry Christmas to you & family

  2. I think a Hokie bird would be an excellent choice for Blacksburg. Merry Christmas to you. Carol Jordan

  3. A tree without a Hokie Bird is a very sad tree 😦 Yours is very lovely, but a little Hokiefication will make it even better 😉

  4. It was about 7 degrees when I picked up Levi today. I little snow on the ground but cold and sun. Beautiful! I agree with Lisa….you need a little Hokie on your tree!

  5. No themes for us. We have tons of ornaments, collected over the years from everywhere we’ve lived or visited, plus all the stuff the kids made in school. I cannot imagine not hanging all the ornaments every year. We had to get a second tree for the overflow a few years ago and it is now getting pretty full too. One more obsession to admit to!!! 😆

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