Posted by: sandra | December 11, 2010

Getting our Christmas Tree

Let’s take a vote, how many of you buy a “real’ Christmas tree?  I think we are the only people in our neighborhood who do not have an artificial tree.  So, today was the day of making the trek to get the tree.

First, we drove about 30 minutes to Joe’s Tree Farm.  Yes, that really is the name, very Christmasy don’t you think?

Then we walked to the biggest hill we could find, and started debating the merits of every tree!

Rebecca thought we should start a new trend and buy a Christmas “shrub”.  Especially since no one else would want it…

After we found the ‘perfect’ tree, Rich laid down on the wet, muddy ground to cut it down.

Of course, the tree was at the bottom of that hill, so he had to haul it up…very poor planning on our part…

Next we got it home, in the stand and in the house!

20 minutes later, all done!

OK, maybe not.  That is Anne Suttons tree from Bunny Hill Designs.  Ours, still looks a little more ‘natural’

Hope all of you at retreat are having fun!  We are waiting on more snow here!

Later, Sandra



  1. Can’t have a real tree. I am allergic to pine. Go figure.

  2. hey Sandra thats something I would do take someone elses tree and pass it off as mine. Same here my tree comes out of the box do to allergies.

  3. ha…ha…..that is too funny…..I saw the photo of “your” decorated tree before I read the caption and I thought, “No Way is that the same tree!”….ha….ha….I bet your “perfect” tree is just as perfect! We do have a real tree. It is only white lights and “special” orniaments. We also have an artificial tree that gets “everything”. Thanks for sharing your family outing with us. Wish we could have a little “audio” while Rich had to cut and drag the tree though….ha….ha….

  4. el fakeo for us also, allergies and a boy dog that I’m sure would want to take care of the watering for us 😦

  5. Usually a fake tree, but this year my grandkids brought home a real tree. I love the smell! I have gone to a tree farm before and that is really a lot of fun.

  6. 2 Fake trees for us. I fought it for as long as I could, but here in southeastern Virginia finding a real tree that isn’t already waaaay dead is very challenging. I do miss the smell of a good Fraser Fir or a Blue Spruce. I miss going to the tree farms with the kids to pick out the tree too.

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