Posted by: sandra | December 8, 2010

‘Tis the season

We had our quilt guild Christmas party last night, about  15 members came out on a very cold and windy night.  One of the projects our guild participates in, is making quilts for the Montgomery County Social Services.  Last night we all brought in our quilts.

We made and donated 17 quilts for this worth cause.

Tonight, I drop off nine more quilts that have been made for low income families in Montgomery County.

It is a real blessing to have women with talent, who use their gifts to make quilts for others!  These projects run all year long, to assure plenty of quilts at Christmas.  Thanks Jacque for donating so much fabric to our groups!

The shop has been involved with helping another cause in a totally different way.  On November 23rd, Karen presented a check to the ALS Association, through Quilter’s Dream Batting ~ Hopes & Dreams.  As you may remember we had a quilt fundraiser this summer to raise funds for this worthy cause.

That is Karen on the far right.  Unfortunately I do not know who else is in the photo.  Help me out Holly!

Thanks to all of you who help others at this time of year.  Be it Toys For Tots, The Salvation Army or any of the hundreds of other worthy causes.  Giving to others is the true spirit of the Christmas season.

Peace, Sandra



  1. You are welcome. It is wonderful to see the fabric actually “take life.” Seeing all those beautiful quilts, waiting to be donated gives me more incentive to do what I do best… fabric. So keep up the great work on your end, you can count on me to do my part! Jacque

    • We all have to do our part…thanks again, Sandra

    • Thanks Jacque!! I’m with you…ha…ha…I buy it and let them figure out what to do with it!!

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