Posted by: sandra | December 4, 2010

A quiet, snowy Saturday

Today, we have had our first ‘real’ snow of the season!  We probably have 2+ inches and will probably get several more tonight.  I was so positive that buying new winter boots last week would insure no snow this winter…

This is the view off our back deck, it is very pretty.  Today from our deck you can hear the high school football game.  Sure glad I don’t have to sit out in the snow to watch a child play…

This is the view from our front door.  This is not my house, but I could take it from my dry front porch…a bonus!

I have yet to make it upstairs to my sewing room…but the Hokies play tonight, so maybe I’ll get a little handwork done.

I did finish this iron cozy.  Why don’t I ever think of these great ideas!  It was so easy to make, only uses two fat quarters and some insulbrite.  Great if you travel to classes with your iron, or even to use at home.

The pattern is from Me and My Sister Designs.  The sample will be in the shop next week, along with the patterns.

If you notice, the top of the block post now has a tab for Heidi-Idy ‘n Holly Cook.  This section will now have all of Holly’s posts about the cookbook  and the recipes she is trying.  Check it out, to see what she is up to.

Later, Sandra





  1. Ahhhh come on Sandra, take one for the “Team” and go “into the field” or street and take a photo of YOUR house! I’m sure we would ALL love to see that, wouldn’t we folks?……..

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