Posted by: sandra | December 3, 2010

Where are my car keys?

How many times have you said that?  Or heard that from someone in your family?  Obviously, being “mom” means we know where everything is!  So, what does that have to do with this new childrens quilt?

This is a  new pattern we found at market, called “Shh Secret Pockets”.  From a designer new to us, Beany Boy Quilts.  The quilt has little pockets spread across the front!  We chose car fabric as the main print, can’t you imagine those little pockets filled with matchbox cars!  What a great nap time quilt!Here is a close up shot of the pockets, they are the two blue blocks.  Of course, I can imagine my kids would have hid my car keys, my cell phone, the remote control…

The sample of this quilt will be in the shop the end of next week.  Kits will also be available.  This pattern was very user friendly.  Good directions and lots of color pictures, an easy weekend project!

We also picked up this pattern from Beany Boy Quilts.  Each of the petals and leaves are three dimensional, with various novelty prints underneath.  This creates a matching game, or an eye spy quilt!  Very clever!

If you’d like to check out her other designs, her website is

Let Sue know if you’d like her to special order any of them for you.

In other news..the staff Christmas party went well, we’ll be eating leftovers for awhile.  We had more snow flurries here today and we are going to have a cold next week!  Highs maybe in the 20’s and 30’s.  Sounds like a good reason to stay in and sew!  Off to a VT hockey game tonight, bet it will be cold there too.  Maybe Holly will send us some warm potato soup…

Later, Sandra



  1. Love Beany Boy Quilts! Benay’s stuff is the best – especially for kids. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Lizabeth, think we can get Sandra to make an ADULT petal party quilt? Match martini glasses, chocolate, coffee……why does it always have to be about the kids…..just sayin’…..I know Lisa B is with me on this one, right? It could even have matching chi chi’s….ha…ha…..mine could even have matching chickens…just a thought…..Christmas IS coming soon!

  2. Sorry…..all potato soup is gone….making lentil today….want some of that? Be careful with all THAT snow coming your way……

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