Posted by: Holly | December 2, 2010

Heidi~Idy & Holly #2

Well I started the cookbook blog with good intentions of making the recipes myself, but when it came time for Sydney to pick her birthday dinner and she wanted Dad to make potato soup, well…..I jumped on the chance to have him use Bev Toole’s recipe and hence another recipe down… here goes…..

Potatoes ~ 3 Tbls Oil ~ 3 Tbls Flour ~ 1 cup milk ~1 chopped onion ~ salt

Optional: add garlic salt with parsley; salt and garlic powder; bacon pieces

Wash and peel potatoes and cut into bite size chunks.  Boil until fork-tender (not mush).  You can also cover with water and cook in microwave.  Meanwhile, heat oil in frying pan; add onions and saute.  When tender, sprinkle with flour.  Mixture will solidify.  Add milk and stir until bubbly.  Turn stove down and continue to stir until sauce thickens.  Drain potatoes, salt and pour sauce over and stir gently.

Tip: Depending on how many potatoes you use will determine if you need additional sauce.  Bacon adds good flavor.

It was yummy!  Syndey is a picky eater and we were surprised that this is what she chose.  A good loaf of bread and glass of wine and you are set for the night.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  I will be contacting some of you in the upcoming weeks to give us an inside look of your family recipe.  If you have any suggestions for me to try next, please email me at:  We have a few “quilting stars” to talk to as well, and see what they are up too for the coming year.

To celebrate Sydney’s birthday, we rented the ice rink for a few hours.  There were about 20 kids and 10 adults.  We had a wonderful time and can’t wait it do it again.  Sandra’s daughter also shares November 30th as her birthday.  Difference is that Rebecca can actually buy the wine now.  Happy Belated Birthday to both of them. 

This is the best picture Dan took of Sydney while skating. Next time I guess I need to hire a "real" photographer. I was assured he took lots of pictures with her and her friends. Not sooooo much.....MEN! Gotta love 'em....

Here’s a photo taken in Dan’s cousin’s home.  It is a broken limb from a tree on their property that they hung on their wall.  Jodie has attached small photos in matching frames tied with ribbon for her FAMILY TREE.  It is really cool and is a wonderful conversation piece that hangs over her couch.  It has a vinyl wall quote that talks about family.  The wall quotes are very popular here. I am trying to decide where I would like to put one and what it should say.  Is anyone out there in blogland familar with these?  I believe there is a company that does home parties.  

I actually went to the quilt shop in town yesterday.  The buzz there was the 10 Minute Table Runner.  Sue G tells me that the girls were already making them over the weekend and kits are being cut.    Anyone needing a quick gift idea, this is certainly one to consider.   Our shop Christmas party is next week.  I wonder if any will show up there.  Of course, you could always send one, two, or more out here….hint, hint…..Don’t forget tonight is Shopper’s Night at the store.  Shop from 6-8pm and receive 20% off your purchase and any pre-paid orders.  Did I hear someone say “Baby Go?”

Have a great rest of the week.  It is snowy and cold here….yea!

Holly by Golly



  1. I’m bringing a cook book recipe to the Christmas party…do I get extra credit LOL…oh, and FYI of course its my recipe 🙂

    Even when you are about to fall, its always fashion first and Miss Sydney has that down!!

  2. Girl don’t I know it…..she wears it well!

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