Posted by: sandra | December 1, 2010

A holiday swag

Yesterday, Virginia asked how the holiday swag I have hanging over my dining room doors was made, so although I did not make it, here goes.

First off, here is a very dark picture of the swag.  The weather here is dark, dreary, cold and snowy.  Perfect for tonight’s Christmas party!  So, this is a s good as a photo as I could get.  My swag is about 15-18 feet long I’d guess.  The foundation is heavy duty jute, although I’m sure you could use clothesline or something like that too.  Next are tons of strips of fabric.  Mine have all been torn, so they have a primitive raw edge.  You could also rotary cut them, and let them fray over time.  Each strip is about 5/8″ wide and about 6 inches long.  The strips have been placed, very fully over the jute.  The center of the fabric strip is across the jute.  Next the strips have been zig zagged to the jute.  Ta da!

Here is a close up.  I think I added the stars several years later, probably a leftover from something.  They are two layers of cotton with some cotton batting sandwiched in between.  The stars have been sewn around the outer edge and then cut out with pinking shears.  I ironed on a heart and added a button.

Last year, I saw this swag where white twinkle lights were added, very cute!

Here is one photo I missed yesterday.

OK, back to getting ready for the party!

Later, Sandra




  1. Did Rebecca add those snowflakes to this post…hmmmm…nice touch

  2. I love it. Thanks for the directions.

    • OMG….do I need to make fabric swags now……they would be really, really cute in my house….jeez…..stop it the maddness “Insane Sandra!”……LOL….LOL.. how was the party?

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