Posted by: sandra | November 30, 2010

A little holiday decorating

Tomorrow night we are having about 20 people over for a staff Christmas party.  This seemed like a really good idea a couple of weeks ago…now, not so much.  Seems like I just got home from Houston, then Virginia Beach, then New York!  And now I have to have some Christmas baking and decorating done by tomorrow.  When am I supposed to bond with my sewing machine??

So, here are a few photos of some of my holiday decorating.  Once I put the tree up (in a week or so) I will fill in with more “stuff”.

This is a picture of my china hutch.  Hanging from the knobs are two beautiful rug hooked mittens, made by Susi!  I won these great art pieces at one of the Christmas parties!  Always have to be careful when the ‘girls’ from the shop were over, I didn’t want them to “steal” them.  You can also see a little of my Christmas dishes in the middle.

Here is one side of my mantel, both the stockings and Christmas quilt are from a Primitive Gatherings book.

The other side of the mantel, you can kind of see the “pencil” santas.  They were made from wood railings and table legs.  Last I saw, there was at least one still available at the shop.  Holly, help me out, who painted them?

Here is a santa wool mat, kind of think I need to change the blue candle…

This fabric sway is hanging over my dining room door.  I’ve now seen them made adding small twinkling light in it.  I think I need to try adding the lights.

Here is living proof, that if you sit still too long I will decorate you.  Or, Abby will do anything for a treat!  (But, that doesn’t mean she’ll like it!)

Later, Sandra



  1. I hope the treat is cheese or better…I’ve seen that look before LOL

    • Better, bacon!

  2. Tracey Carpenter is the one who made those beatiful Santas! Your decorations look great! Makes me want to get mine out. Hey love that snow on the webpage! Not as much as we have here in SD, but love it all the same.

    • Hey, thanks Holly! Tracy Carpenter, I knew that! I love the snow too! I wonder how it got there…Sue?

      • It’s a wordpress feature you can enable; which I did!

      • Sue G is the the BOMB!! or should I say the Snow Fairy!!! What’s amatta Virginia….are you afraid of a little snow in Virginia? Abby is very cute in her antlers. Maybe we should update the Heidi & Friends page with Christmas photos of her “priends”……just a thought….let us know your’s…..

  3. Abby is so stinking cute. I also love the falling snow and i hope it stays in SD with you Holly 🙂 I love the fabric swag. Is there a pattern for that?

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