Posted by: sandra | November 28, 2010

Our New York Trip

My husband and I drove to Ballston Spa, New York to spend Thanksgiving with our son and daughter-in-law.

They have been in New York for several months and will only be there another three months or so.  He is an ensign in the navy, and is in training.  They expect to get orders to a submarine pretty soon.  Figured we better go and visit quick, before they move to a new place.

On Friday we made the short drive (ten minutes or so) to the neighboring town of Saratoga Springs.  I could move there in a minute!

Talk about a picturesque town!  It was like a scene from the “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  Old houses with lots of character, unique buildings, great shops, tons of restaurants, oh yeah, that horse track thing…

How’s this for a house in town…

This was a toy store window, done up for Christmas.  A big, old fashion, huge window that came out into the sidewalk.  It was wonderful.

This store had a window scene, filled with “wild” creatures.  Too cute.

Can’t you image if Holly opened a second location of Stitch ‘n Stuff in one of these great old brick building with the fabulous windows! (I’m sure rent is very reasonable…).

I will say though, it was very, very cold!  Part of that upstate New York thing huh?  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  I wonder if anyone in my family will watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” with me tonight?  Anybody else want to watch it?

Later, Sandra





  1. That would make us a “chain”…… “Oh Spud!…..I”m a chain! ” Free door prize for the first one to tell me where that movie line came from….and no Sue G. you can’t play…sorry, you are too good at this game!

  2. Spoiled Sport 😆 We were actually using that line at Sewathon this weekend.

  3. Steel Magnolias!! Dolly Parton as a hair dresser said that.

  4. We lived in Saragoga Springs area for a total of 9 years. Cold in the winter. Autumn in the Adirondack mountains is beautiful, but long gone by now. Glad you got to see some of the neat houses.

    • Hi Bunnie, Was it as picturesque living there as it looked?

  5. You are correct Debbie Sledge!! I will be sending your prize to the shop this week. Thanks for reading the blog and taking time to comment! Hope all is well with you and your family! Holly

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