Posted by: sandra | November 27, 2010

Home again!

Reverse that drive to New York from Wednesday and that was today’s trip home!  A very long but uneventful drive.  I did finish two bindings and worked on some various wool projects.  Pictures of those later.

We had a wonderful time with my son and his wife.  All of us like real grown-ups!  First time we had been to their house for a holiday!  We had a nice time, wish it wasn’t quite so far!

I have no motivation to upload pictures from my camera, so I will pass along some of Rebecca’s photos from the Virginia Zoo.  She volunteered there for many years and enjoys going back to visit friends and take pictures.

Here is one of the red pandas

The baby bongo

The bearded dragon

A meerkat

A squirrel monkey

And my favorite picture of all of her zoo shots.  One of the baby lion cubs.

Hope you are having a fabulous long holiday weekend!  I read that this weekend is National Eat Pie for Breakfast weekend….

Later, Sandra




  1. National Eat Pie for breakfast weekend…?! Count me in! :)!

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