Posted by: sandra | November 26, 2010

Black Friday Specials

I just love Black Friday!  But, I must admit the older I get the more I like to think about it, and the less I want to participate.  Now, I spend more time on line checking things out and less time standing in line.

The shop however, has a really good twist to our usual specials.  Beginning tomorrow morning, (10 am!!!  If you want to come to the shop at 3am when you are going to Kohl’s…you’ll be the only one there!)  Sue is having a very big sample sale!  We’ve gathered together lots and lots of samples from the last year and they are on sale, for very good prices!  We have many, many table runners ranging from $20-$25!  This is less then it would cost to purchase the supplies.  Choose from seasonal items, as well as a range of traditional pieces.  Plus you have our permission to not admit that you did not make the item yourself!!  You could keep it yourself, or have a gift ready to give.

This is an example of a table runner for sale, as well as the little pillow.

We also have a variety of tea towels, quilts, quilt tops, pillows and accessories.  All of  which are priced to sell quickly!  Make sure you stop by the store, after the craziness of the rest of the world!

Of course, we will also have some sort of sale on fabric too.  I do not know what the sale consists of though, hopefully an email will come out Friday morning with the details!

And, since this post does not have enough pictures…here is a new sample at the store.  It is a little quilt from the new Kim Diehl book.  Love that new book!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and a fun day of shopping!

Later, Sandra



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