Posted by: Holly | November 22, 2010

Under Our Wings Houston Quilt Market 2010 – Holly’s Turn

 It is really, really hard to believe that Quilt Market is already three weeks old.  Of course when it takes two days to get home and life takes hold, the days do fly by quick.  I have been wanting to show a few photos from the booth and share with you a few more details.  We do not usually attend Fall Quilt Market, but after our September meeting with Marianne Fons, Catherine Roberts (founder of QOV), and all the other wonderful ladies involved with QOV, we knew Houston was in our future. Under Our Wings (more about this program in future posts), was to be launched in 6 weeks and as a quilt shop with over 20 years experience, we were asked for our input.  All the girls feel it is a wonderful program and since we already hold  local Quilts of Valor workshops with Mary Lynn and the Tidewater Quilters Guild (see Veteran’s Day post)  we wanted to help this program take flight, so WYSNS was behind it 110%.  The blog post from November 8th has more details about the AmericanValor Fabrics and the companies involved. 

Besides being asked to help at schoolhouse (blog post Oct. 28), Marianne asked that we style the booth for her.  The “A” Team, a.k.a., Sue and Sandra arrived on Tuesday.  The “B” Team, Kim and I, Wednesday afternoon.  So after meeting in the airport (thank goodness for cell phones), Kim and I made our way to the hotel and caught up with S & S.  That night we  had to go to IKEA  and purchase curtains, a desk, a shelf unit, patriotic  display items and anything else I could remember that I forgot. It is hard to believe that we needed anything else since I shipped a box and had extra luggage too. ..Oh, and I also need to note that the desk and shelf had to be put together.  Thanks Kim and Catherine.  (See Sandra’s blog post Oct. 28 about having to ride in the car with the box on our lap….we all laughed so hard that night!!)  That being said, here is a photo of the booth before we really got it going:

When you sign up for a booth you actually only get the space.  You can not hang anything on their curtains or poles.  So you have to rent or buy anything else.  Order the electrical hook-ups and any lamps, tables, everything.

Here are a few AFTER  photos. The quilt hanging is called Valiant Eagle by Marianne Fons. 

Our theme was to have a military office with wall hanging over the desk, uniforms in the corner and luggage to represent all the travel military personnel are required to do.  We were proud to display Mary Lynn’s desk plate from when she was an active duty Navy Commander.  (photo below)

In this close up you can see we also had a photo on the desk of Mary Lynn with Jonathan Bartlett., US Army Retired.   In the frame behind the photo is the story of how Mary Lynn became involved with QOV because of Johnathan’s VALOR.

A few more……

The red quilt on the left is the one we designed for the program.  It will be available on the UOW website as a FREE Download for quilt shops that sign up for the Under Our Wings program through the Quilts of Valor website: . This is Sandra’s RED version quilted by Rosemary Skinner, Virginia Beach, VA.

My BLUE version is scrunched up on the right.  It was quilted by Patti Heinz, Pierre, SD.

Pictured above: Holly Erdei-Zuber, Marianne Fons, Sue Goehring, Catherine Roberts, Sandra Fraenkel and the mini quilts we made and  awarded to Marianne and Catherine.  It was a wonderful experience.  We laughed, we cried, we were frustrated, confused, tired, energized and most of all humbled to be a part of this endeavor.  I would like to give  “My Team” a very big THANK YOU for all the day and night pre-market work, and hard work during and after.  You are the best!!  Thank you to all the designers who helped make our booth awesome, also.  They will be posted on the website.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, Kim and I had a knock on the door late one night…..guess who it was….?

Isn’t she sweet?!  Too bad Heidi-Idy didn’t get her photo op with Ty….she slept in that day. 

We have received contact from most of the winners of our Top 10.  I will be sending Sue G a box of goodies for those of you who are picking up at the shop and sending packages directly to a few of you, but still waiting to here from :

Alycia ~ Jean ~ Carol ~Maggee ~Jackie ~ Robin Thompson ~ Pam

That is all for now……

Holly By Golly signing off in snowy South Dakota



  1. Fun and crazy! Seems like yesterday and a year ago! Yikes, how fast time goes. We are back in the mountains where the weather is cool!

  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful, you girls did an amazing job! Love the before and after shots, really brings it home.

  3. You all did a beautiful job. Seeing all the models ( at shows and in the shop) always keeps me inspired.

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