Posted by: sandra | November 17, 2010

One million stitches!

That is exactly how many blanket stitches are in this quilt top!

I just love this quilt top, and can not wait to see what it looks like after it is quilted.  Do you think Lisa and Rose will be fighting over who gets to quilt it??  Probably fighting over who gets stuck with it!!

This quilt is from an old Country Threads pattern called Favorite Things.  The original pattern made a quilt 27″ x 34″.  Now, I may be crazy, but not that crazy!  I made my basket blocks much larger and then enlarged the appliques to fit.  I really like how it turned out.  Once before I thought it was finished, only to find out I hadn’t added the words or the flag.  So, keep your fingers crossed that this time it is really done.

Here is Country Threads mini version.  If anyone is interested in the pattern, just let Sue know and she can check to see if it is still available.

My daughter and I are heading to Virginia Beach for the weekend.  She starts her Thanksgiving break on Friday afternoon, and wants to spend Saturday at the Virginia Zoo.  She volunteered at the zoo for 5+ years and misses all the people…and maybe the red pandas…

I am glad to be making a trip to the shop!  I have probably 10 patterns from market I hope to get fabric for.  Lots of new samples coming up!  Also, I hope to get started picking out the Antique Buttermold block of the month!

We plan on doing the base of the quilt in cottons and the appliques in hand dyed wools.  All the particulars to be worked out soon.  I hope to start either January 15th or February 15th.

So, will I need my coat in Virginia Beach like I do here?

Later, Sandra




  1. mid 40’s as a low and sixties during the day. So, jacket in the early, early or late, late.

    Looking forward to seeing my “roomie” Saturday.

  2. How about a close-up pic of some of those million stitches on your wonderfully yummy quilt!

  3. Love the quilt.

    • Thank you!

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