Posted by: sandra | November 15, 2010

Time is running out on the giveaway!

Tonight at 8pm we end the entries for the “Great Market Giveaway”  As a reminder we are selecting 20 winners!!!!!! to receive prizes donated by many generous companies.  Books, patterns, tea towels, among other things.  In order to enter, go to our post for November 8th, “Big Market Giveaway” and leave a comment.  Easy, easy.

My day has been spent doing 10 loads of laundry, running errands, and cleaning house.  Would anyone like to see pictures of that?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Now, if my house would just stay clean, then it would be worth it…Of course, I can’t complain too much about the laundry, since I was using this…

And not this…

Last night, our chili came in second in the first annual Citrine Ct. chili cook off.  You know what you get for second place?  Nothing!  Although, the couple who hosted the party  hired a bartender for the evening…so, actually we all won!  Plus, we can walk home!  January will be the Dessert Cook off, I’d much rather taste everyone’s chocolate creations then  chili!  We have two houses up for sale on our street, just in case you want to get into the party neighborhood!  I believe there is  an application form and interview process now, since we moved in they realize the neighborhood needs better control.

Since I have no other photos, I will add a few more Market shots.

Acorn Quilts and Gift Company

Blackbird Designs, award winning booth

Me and My Sister Designs


Minick and Simpson

American Jane

Are you hoping I will run out of Market pictures soon?  Go leave a comment if you haven’t done that yet.

Tomorrow I will have results.

Later, Sandra



  1. Love the pics, just wish I could have gone, maybe next year. So much inspiration!

  2. I never get tired of looking at photos of quilts. Keep posting all you have!

  3. I really wish I could be there to see the amazing talent. Please share, you must know we appreciate it!!

  4. I love photos and look forward to the blog every day. Congrats on the chili award.

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