Posted by: sandra | November 14, 2010

Some new wool things

I just love most anything wool, so I am always on the lookout for new patterns.  At market there were quite a few new ones from our favorite designers, plus we were able to find two new designers that we really liked.  So be watching for some new samples.  We are driving to New York for Thanksgiving, about 11 hours each way.  I am hoping to get a bunch of wool prepped so I can work on it in the car.  We’ll see how that goes…

Here is a new snowman man from Lily Anna Stitches, great for all those snowmen lovers!

This is a mat from Primitive Gatherings, Squared Up Tablemat (I think).  This would be a great beginner project if you haven’t used wool before.  Also a good pattern if you have a lot of small wool scraps.

These items and many other samples should arrive in the store tomorrow, so come and check them out.

Here are some more random pictures from market…

Sue, I don’t remember who’s booth this is, do you?  Really cool bed, notice the black crows on the foot board?  Looked really great, but I’m not sleeping in it!

Monkey and owl hanging out in a tree…

This bicycle and booth were photographed a lot, fun stuff.

Well, the first annual neighborhood chili cook off starts today at 4pm.  Time to go put the finishing touches on dinner.

Later, Sandra

PS Tomorrow is the last day to enter into the blog giveaway.  So far I think we have 20 prizes and 20 participants.  So, the odds are pretty good if you enter!  Just go to the “Big Market Giveaway” post and leave a comment.



  1. The booth with the crow bed belongs to Bonnie Blue Quilts…love those Bonnie Blue patterns!

  2. maybe you only have 20 people entered in the Big Market Giveaway because the others are like me and cannot find it so that we can enter!!!!! Can you please give me a hing? I’d love to enter but have searched all over and cannot find how to reach that blog. Thank you very much!!!

    • Deane, It is on THIS blog. Just scroll down, it’s the November 8th post. 😀

  3. I was just on John Flynn’s website and fopund this:
    John Flynn’s Teaching Schedule, 2011
    “Before and After”
    John has openings before and after the following shows.
    Mid Atlantic Quilt Conference, Hampton Roads, Virginia, February 23 – 27, 2011.

    Didn’t know if Holly and Sue might want to look into this?? Just a thought!

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