Posted by: sandra | November 13, 2010

A few new Christmas projects at the store

Some of the many things we brought back from Market, were some new items from Happy Hollow Designs.  Their things are very unique, and sometimes a little too much for me.  But, Holly loves them, and we picked out a few different ones for the shop.  I had not made any of their designs before (they are all built on fusible foundation).  I was surprised that this was much easier then I feared.  The pieces are small, but because they are iron to a sheet, they sew together very easily.  Here are the snowman and the ice skate ornament.

Don’t notice the rubbermaid containers in the back of the picture…the tree is in my storeroom.  Not even close to thinking about decorating yet…

Next is the Santa Clothespin bag, to put all of your Christmas cards in.  You have to look at him in person at the shop, he is sooooo cute!  The great thing about Happy Hollow products, is that they sell kits with all the extras.  Chenille trim, wire glasses, wooden nose, buttons, buckles, etc.  All the goodies which make the item so special, without trying to find them all at different stores.  Don’t tell Holly, but these guys are kind of growing on me…

We also came back from Market with several new ideas for block of the month programs.  Now, we just need to decide what to start with first.  Any thoughts?  Let us know!

Crystal Bright by Bit’s ‘n Pieces.  88″ x 110″  We are thinking about doing it in batiks!!!!!

I don’t have the name of this one…It is from The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.  We loved it! Made with some traditional blocks, a barn, a house…and a new designer.

This one is Antique Buttermold from The Woolen Needle.  We would do the applique on this one in hand dyed wools.  It is 57″ square.

Finally, the cover quilt from Buggy Barns new book.  Yummy!

Let us know what your favorite is.

My daughter asks…where else can you go to school where you can eat your school mascot?  Turkey legs on game days…and turkey cookies in the fall..

OK, the mascot really is a Hokie bird….But, you must admit…he looks kind of like a turkey.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on “The big market giveaway” post.  Monday is the last day to enter to get in on the prizes!

Later, Sandra



  1. The Hokie Bird aint no turkey sista LOL

    You will no doubt be designing the batik BOM cough gag 🙂 I think they are all delightful and coincidentally I am down in my BOM’s !

  2. Great BOM choices! Hard to say which is my fav, but if I had to choose, I’d say the Buttermold one for the wool lovers and the Buggy Barn for those non-wool people!

    • Hey Carol, I have a special project for you…..interested? Be afraid……very afraid…..ha….ha…..just ask Sandra and Sue…..

      • Haha..I can only imagine!

  3. Those Happy Hollow projects are wayyyy cute! Those Hokies are not as purtty as my Good Lookin’ Chickens….and bet those cookies are not as tasty as my farm fresh eggs….just sayin’ cause I know Ms. Burgess is eagar to eat some when she’s coming around the mountain when she comes…..

  4. I love the wool applique one. Not much for Batiks.

  5. I love all the BOM and am ready to sign up for them – especially the Anique Buttermold. Is the quilt on the cover of the new Buggy Barn going to be a kit or BOM????

    • Kathie,
      Sue hopes to meet with the fabric rep for the Buggy Barn fabrics, looking at the fabrics they used in the quilt. That will help us determine what we want to do…I’d love to see it as a block of the month…Sandra

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