Posted by: Holly | November 12, 2010

Ty Pennington & The Blue Angels

What do Ty Pennington & The Blue Angels have in common? More than you can imagine…..Let’s start with that Hunky Ty Pennington!  He was at Houston Quilt Market to introduce a new line of fabric, impressions for Westminster Fabrics.  For those of you who don’t know Ty (like ME…ha…ha),  here is a little bio:

Ty Pennington is a New York Times best-selling author and host of ABC’s Emmy-winning series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”  He also hosts the top rated “Ty’s Great British Adventure” for UKTV’s Home Network and the Canadian design competition reality series “Inside the Box.”  Pennington develops furniture and home products for the “Ty Pennington Style” line at Sears and is an ambassador for the Sears American Dream Campaign.  He also recently launched a home furniture collection “Howard Miller Furnishings by Ty Pennington.” 

“I can’t wait to see how you take my designs and make them your own.”  quote by Ty Pennington.  His entire career has been centered on a do-it-yourself  lifestyle.  From the quirky carpenter on “Trading Spaces to fabric designer.  With his carpentry skills, he created wooden stamps for use in his design repertoire.  Then experimenting with the stamps and fabric dying, translating his organic stamped designs into the fabrics you can no use for your own makeover. 

Whew…..he is a busy man, but he took time out to meet the ladies at Houston Quilt Market and we liked it!!  I was actually “with him” in the lobby.  He stayed in the same hotel we did.  (If you stand next to someone at the bell hop desk, that is actually “with” isn’t it?  ha…ha..)  Here we are in the Westminister booth.  You can go to to order his collection of modern trendy fabrics.  Brought to you by Westminster Fibers Lifestyle Fabrics.

Holly & Ty

Now to “TY” it to The Blue Angels…….ummmmmm…..let’s see……does this look familiar?

This photo was taken in Pensacola, Home of the Blue Angels recently by our one and only Kim McWherter, wife of the Boss of Blue Angels.  Boy that was pretty easy and was only One Degree (for those of you who play 7 Degrees to Kevin Bacon).  Ok, I will go even an extra degree.  Kim was with us at quilt market.  But to back track a little, apparently Extreme Makeover was in FL filming an episode to be aired for a Christmas Special.  Kim assures me that although she wishes it was their house they made over, it is not.  The McWherter’s have a busy weekend planned.  She took time out to call today and fill me in (of course, she really had no choice since I left about 10 messages between email, facebook, text, cell & home phones).  Tonight she is hosting a party at their home for about 100 people. Tomorrow is the last air show for the Blue Angels 2010 season.  This is all in preparation for Capt. McWherter’s Change of Command on Sunday.  His new orders are home based in Pensacola for the next year to year and a half.  He will be the Assistant Director for Officer Development.  He has screened for CO of a base and we will see where that adventure takes them.  As for now, Kim and the girls are looking forward to having Greg home on the weekends and getting back to some good family time.  Whitney is a freshman at Auburn and Kristin is in fourth grade.  You can thank her for the bus photo.  She loves the show and Kim actually took the picture to show Kristin.
 Here’s a photo of Kim during set up of the Under Our Wings booth at market.   For  more info on why Kim was at market, go to and see Marcie’s blog post for November 4th. Kim wanted to see her quilt hanging in the Patchalot booth.  Did we ever get a photo of Kim with her hanging quilt? We were too busy driving around Houston with a huge box on our lap to worry about that…….right girls?!!

We wish the McWherer’s the best and hope to see them back in Hampton Roads soon!

That’s about it for tonight. 

Until next time….this is

Holly By Golly



  1. OMG I love Ty !! Yeah yeah you are OK too 😉

  2. Holly – you lucky devil. You look great and so does he.

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