Posted by: sandra | November 9, 2010

A day for the dogs…

One of the really unique and fun items we bought at quilt market were patterns and supplies to make dog leashes!  Lisa, don’t all of your babies need fancy leashes?  How cute would that be?  The pattern includes the directions and all of the hardware and supplies to make one leash. $12.

We also brought back a sample leash and extra hardware kits, when you want to make multiple leashes. $6.

Since my son and his wife have a six month old puppy, named Roxy.   And he and his wife both graduated from Virginia Tech…their puppy needed a Tech leash!

Here is Roxy at about four months.

And here is her new Tech leash.  The entire project did not take an hour.  It was so easy, why didn’t I think of it!

Then I got her a Tech dog water bottle and using some of the new Virginia Tech fabrics from the store I am going to make  her a little puppy quilt.  Once again, I really need a life!

Remember, if you didn’t post yesterday for the big giveaway, there is still plenty of time!  So far we have 13 eligible entries, and twenty prizes to giveaway.  Just go back to yesterdays post and leave a comment!

Now, a couple of random pictures from market.

Minkee monkeys, minkee toys, minkee slippers, minkee clothes…

And of course, the sock monkey easy chair….

You just don’t know what you are missing!

Later, Sandra



  1. What do you mean by “eligible” entries? Give a girl a break!!

  2. Do you think they have that chair at Haynes LOL

  3. That sock monkey chair is THE one for Lisa!

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