Posted by: sandra | November 8, 2010

A big market giveaway!!!!!!!

Part of the reason that Sue, Holly and I went to Houston Quilt Market was to participate in the launching of American Valor Fabrics!  Nine fabric companies (Andover,  Clothworks, Marcus, Moda, P & B,  Quilting Treasures, Red Rooster, Timeless Treasures and Windham) have all designed a line of fabric with a patriotic theme.  These entire nine collections are known as the American Valor Fabric collection and will have that printed on the selvedge.  Stitch ‘n Stuff has ordered every piece from every company!  We will  have the biggest and best selection of any quilt store, anywhere.  We are the “home” shop for this endeavor!!!  It is fun, and crazy and hard and rewarding and……did I mention crazy?  But, I guess if nine competing fabric companies can get together under one cause, we need to be a part of it!

There are many purposes to this fabric collection:

  • We hope to have fresh, new fabrics to create more Quilts of Valor
  • We hope to raise awareness of Quilts of Valor (more info at
  • We hope to raise money for Quilts of Valor (each company is donating money)
  • We hope to create a program to teach people how to make their first quilt
  • We hope to show national service by donating quilts
  • Finally, we hope to “comfort and heal our wounded American service members and veterans who have been touched by war.
  • As always, we hope to play with great fabrics and have fun along the way!

Many, many , many more details will be coming in the next several months, with all the fabrics scheduled to arrive in March and April.

Now, that I made you read all of that…let me get to the giveaways!!!!  As part of our booth display we had many samples of a variety of items that could be made in patriotic fabric.  Totes, table runners, pillows, etc.  You can kind of see some of the items in this photo.

Many generous companies sent books and patterns for these items.  Donations they made, because they wanted to participate in this program!

So, drum roll please…(too bad I don’t know how to add music to the blog…)

We are giving away 20!!!!! of these items, along with other goodies we picked up at market.  All we need from you is to leave us a comment!  We are closing the random drawing next Monday night, November 15th at 8pm (my time).  If you follow the blog, you know we never get 20 comments, so you could be a shoe in!

Anyone out there have their own blog???  If you do and put a link to our blog on yours, I will give you two chances to win!  Just let us know that you have in your comment.

In other news…I have made it back into the sewing room.  My Bernina missed me so much!  Although this sample was all done by hand…

Look at this great new pincushion…

Better yet, look at this great primitive clamp to put it on!!!!!!  We brought back 12 clamps ($9.50). We have heard the shipping on the clamps is slow.  So if you want one or two (think great Christmas present) don’t wait!

Alright everyone, get those comments coming!

Later, Sandra



  1. I hope I can win something…..
    Also, are the pincushions already made or do you just have the pattern? They are really cute!!!

  2. hi joanne, we have the patterns for the pincushion. They are fun to make!

  3. I’m so excited to hear about the
    I’m so excited to hear about the QOV fabric. All the pieces from all the lines – so cool!
    All of you in Houston did a great job of picking new patterns and other fun stuff for the shop. I love the autographed books and bought 2 new patterns. (And fabric, of course!)
    I can never die – I have too many projects to finish….

  4. I can’t wait to see these lines of fabrics, and love the idea behind it. Hopefully I can get to the shop soon to see all the goodies you all picked up at market.

  5. Hey Kathie, wait to see what else we have planned for you coming up. Just so happened Crazy H and I were talking about ya’. Be very afraid!

  6. Annette, new things will be rolling in over the next couple of weeks!

  7. Looks very exciting! I have been thinking of making a Quilts of Valor quilt, so these will be an excellent line of fabrics to make one with!

  8. The fabrics are beautiful! What a great collection for the store!

  9. Hey, now I know what to do with that nifty contraption I had to buy last week!! And now that I’m in to wool and all…

    Can’t wait to win one of those beautiful display items 😉

  10. If I make a comment, can I win a prize too?! And yes, Kathie, be very afraid. Although, I have been given a new name by Marianne Fons’ husband, Mark…..drum roll please…wish I could add music as well…….ExZuberant!! That does sound a little better than crazy…

  11. Hmmm….there will always be room for more red, white and blue fabric! Can’t wait to see the QOV fabric collection!
    ExZuberant….now why didn’t I think of that? (even though crazy Holly is much more descriptive of “our” fearless leader…)

    • Now why do you say that Rose?

  12. Does my comments count? The countdown is on and 6 more days until I can spend more time in my sewing room! My Bernina probably doesn’t even know who I am! LOL! Can’t wait to get started on a QOV quilt.

  13. YIPPEE! Fabric companies coming together for the support of our troops! Am excited to see the new fabrics and create another QOV! Gosh – look what Mary Lyn has created in our corner of the world! Hopefully on Thursday in the wee hours of the day – we will get to see on Channel 13 a piece about the local QOV ladies!

  14. I like ExZuberant much better than crazy Holly 🙂 I want to help on the next QOV day at the store if i can.

    • Thanks Virginia!! And we will certainly put you down for our next QOV. Mary Lynn….when is our next one?

  15. Welcome home guys. Looks like you had a great trip.

    I like ExZuberant much better than crazy Holly 🙂 I want to help on the next QOV day at the store if i can.

  16. Bravo Zulu (Navy lingo) to all Quilts of Valor quilters here in Tidewater. I’m looking forward to celebrating the arrival of the American Valor Collection at WYSNS. Beautiful booth at Houston…Holly, Sandra and Sue…you outdid yourselves. Thanks for being THE PLACE to go to for Quilts of Valor fabric.

    • No, Bravo Zulu to you Mary Lynn, you started the ball rolling here in Virginia Beach with Quilts of Valor. For those of you who don’t know, Mary Lynn Slough is THE reason that the Tidewater Quilters’ Guild and the Hampton Roads Virginia Area are so active in making Quilts of Valor. Yes, a lot of us have made quilts or donated fabric or cash for postage, but Mary Lynn keeps us going. She cuts the fabric for the block kits, puts the blocks together into tops or arranges for someone else to make the tops, arranges for longarm quilters to quilt the tops, finds someone to bind the quilts, makes a label and presentation case for each and every quilt and ships (a lot of the time at her own expense) the quilts to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s ICU in Germany.


      • I second and third that!! She is the reason we were able to go to Houston and have such and awesome booth for Under Our Wings. I will be doing a Special Report with close up pictures this week where you can actually see Mary Lynn’s name plate and photo……

  17. Yeah, just found the blog!!!!
    I miss the shop so much it’s nice to have some news
    Christelle from France 😉

    • Hi Christelle, We miss you too!! Have you used all the fabric you bought and packed before you left Norfolk? We have plenty more 😆 !!

      Now that you have found the blog, stop back often. There is usually a post every day.


  18. Cute pin cushion!

  19. Enjoyed all your blog posts from market! What a wonderful idea for 9 companies to get together for such a wonderful cause!

  20. If I had that monkey easy chair I could plan more quilts of valor in my down time. Can’t wait to see the new fabric!! Coincidentally I am fresh out of fabric!!;)

  21. Lisa, lucky for you that you have a little wool to tide you over until you can get some new fabric!

  22. I am waiting to make a patriotic quilt.

    I have visited your store several times when my daughter and her family lived in Hampton, VA. with the air force.

    It’s been a couple of years since I visited, maybe
    it’s time for a mini vacation to VA even if they have moved away.

    Love your shop.

  23. Very cool. I can’t wait to see all the new Red whites and Blues – Great job!!

  24. Love all the red,white and blue. Great display

  25. I love visiting your shop. Dont’ get there as often as i would like. I’m so pleased the quilting world continues to support our troops. Can’t wait to see the Quilts of Valor fabric line.

  26. New selection of fabrics look great – can’t wait for them to arrive! You ladies do a GREAT job promoting QOV.

  27. Great fabric..Love the pincushions too..please enter me in your drawing..thanks..Debbie T.

  28. If you are ever in Maine, please stop by The Village Quilt Shop located in Berwick, MAINE. It’s a new quilt shop that will open on Friday Nov 26, 10.

    And, I can’t wait to get back to your shop the next time I am in Virginia. This time I will remember to bring an extra carry on bag for the plane.

    Holly, you may remember my visit to your shop. We had share our early childhood camping memories of Lily Bay State park and Moosehead Lake.

    Happy Quilting

  29. thanks for showing some Market pics. Lots of new stuff. I always visit your shop when I drive to VA Beach for the day. Need to come soon and see all the new stuff!

  30. Can’t wait to see and purchase some of the new American Valor Fabrics!!! Better starting saving up now so I can buy enough for several projects at once!!!!!
    I have also submitted a link to my blog, but I have not updated it forever!!!!!
    Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!

  31. Can’t wait to see the American Valor Fabrics. I have posted your giveaway on my blog! I hope to make a trip to your shop soon!

  32. I’d love to be entered into your generous giveaway!

    I love your pincushion too!


  33. I am a frequent shopper in your store, and usually end up buying more than I came for! Who can resist? Please enter me in your drawing! Hugs.

  34. How exciting…I love R,W and B fabrics and what a wonderful cause…Quilts of Valor. My dad is a veteran and I have a nephew in Afghanistan right now.!! Can’t wait to visit your store again! I live in Newport News and usually get your way during the shop-hop. Love to visit you , so many beautiful quilts on the walls and great ideas. Looking forward to seeing these new lines! BTW, thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  35. I just found your site and will start to follow right away. I am new to quilting and would love a chance to win your fab giveaway. Just wish I lived near Virginia Beach so I could visit your shop.

  36. I just found your site – awesome!! Please count me in for this incredible giveaway!!

  37. I am a new follower and look forward to your future posts! Thanks for having an incredible giveaway – crossing my fingers!!

  38. I can’t locate where to follow you, so I am signing up by email.

  39. Just found and Love your blog!!! and the pin cushion is so cute!!! I am a new follower, as well. I would love to enter for this wonderful giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

  40. maybe you only have 20 people entered in the Big Market Giveaway because the others are like me and cannot find it so that we can enter!!!!! Can you please give me a hing? I’d love to enter but have searched all over and cannot find how to reach that blog. Thank you very much!!!

    * Edit Comment

    By: Deane B on November 14, 2010
    at 5:45 pm

  41. Cute pin cushions, love the booth, gave me some ideas for homeschool co-op home ec class I am teaching next semester. Thx. Saw you on my FB tonight.

  42. Keep posting more pictures – love it!! The quilts are awesome, sure wish I was there to see them up close! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!!

  43. Looks like you guys did really well and had a good time. i loved reading your posts, and being able to see all the new things, hope next year will be good for tyou too.

  44. i left a comment on another day to enter the contest i hope i get in

  45. Please count me in!

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