Posted by: sandra | November 7, 2010

Did I gain an hour…or..why is it dark at 6 o’clock?

Last night was the big Navy Birthday Ball (235 years!), and what a great night to get that extra hour of sleep!  Just in case you may have been celebrating a little much…

All dressed up and ready to go, nothing like being surrounded by midshipmen to realize how old you are.  The youngest midshipmen there was born in 1993!  I have shoes older then that!

The Lily and Will fabric collection from Bunny Hill and Moda came into the shop when we were gone.  I cannot wait to get my hands on that fabric.  It is very sophisticated baby fabric in pink and brown, blue and brown, or green and brown.  Most of the fabric could easily translate into adult quilts too.  At last market we saw lots of quilts made with this fabric line.  As a matter of fact it was so popular they have reprinted most of it and added yellow and brown and aqua and brown for spring.

Here are some of the pink fabrics, cute huh?

This pattern is in the shop now, very easy.

This new tote bag pattern is on order, it has a satin ruffle edge and big covered buttons!

Finally, this pattern has all the sailboats and one lone whale!  How cute is that?  And my husbands call sign is Moby…

Here is a picture of Bunny Hills booth.  I told Anne that my dream job would be making samples for her.  That’s when Holly started teasing  me about ‘changing teams’.

In other news we are having a big giveaway coming soon.  Lots of great goodies from market!

Stay tuned, Sandra



  1. Who’s that beauty in the black dress? She looks familar, but not really sure…..ummmm….and the good lookin’ fella in the uniform? We here in SD don’t get out much…….bet you were the Belle of the Ball…..

  2. You and your husband do look very nice.

    I love the other pattern with the ducks from what i can tell in the right of the picture from the booth. Is that a separate pattern like the sailboats and will the store cary it?

  3. Hi Virginia, yes, the pattern is called the more the merrier and we have it on order. Pretty cute huh?

    • Yes it is. I am a marshmallow for baby quilts and since all i have now and coming is girls, it is perfect. Thanks.

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