Posted by: Holly | November 1, 2010

What day is it anyway?

Well….by the time you actually read this post it will be November 1st.  Thinking of my grandmother on this date.  I believe she would have been 90 years old today. Love and miss you!! I usually make a ham dinner in her honor. I remember the first Halloween Dan and I had in our apartment after we were married.  We invited the whole family over to celebrate Nana’s birthday (speaking of Nana….hey Rose!)   I made a big ham dinner with potatoes, green beans, the whole works. Apple sauce, biscuits….you know….anyway…..I made apple pie for dessert along with chocolate ice cream (her favorite).  We had lots and lots of halloween candy too!  Then we continued the evening with well buttered popcorn as we all watched a movie together.  It was a wonderful day!!  I was named after my grandmother, and growing up I hated it when they called out your full name in school.  But now that I have gotten older I have come to embrace it.  I am so much like her, that it was a perfect fit and when my husband calls me by that name I am reminded of how much I love her.  So you see ,we even have a bit of  Halloween tradition in our family.  We all look forward to holiday because we know that ham is the next day!!  Speaking of Halloween, I thought I would share with you a few pictures of MY walk through the park after the Moda Party when Sue and Sandra ditched me……

Hope you all had a great Halloween and we will post more tomorrow…..I mean today.

Holly by Golly here in Houston

P.S. You have no idea of what I have gone through to make this post……


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